Mildly Amusing Freelance Writing Job Advert of the Week

Newspaper fire orange
It's Saturday afternoon and while everybody's lounging around in a beach somewhere, I'm still trolling the Internet for more writing jobs. I regularly contribute to many sites but I'm not one to rest at all. Every now and then, I find a freelance job posting that's mildly entertaining.

Today, one of the more interesting postings that I've come across was found via Problogger's job boards. The project? "A Nice Guy" looking for an article writer. As I was reading Mr. Nice Guy's job offer, there was only one thing on my mind, why not a Potato or a Carrot?
  • A Potato Looking for an Article Writer
  • A Carrot Looking for a Blogger 
That should sound more interesting. 

Here's the job description. 

Hi Future Best Friend(s)! 
I am looking to find some more writers to handle weekly assignments for me. 
This is kinda similar to something like textbroker in the sense that the topics will be pretty random... not in the sense of the level of quality that is acceptable. 
Pay - 3cents/word Time - Up to you but I would prefer if you can at least handle 5000 words/week. 
What I would like from you is a brief rundown of your writing experience, your availability (weekly), and the time zone you are in. If you don't give me those things I will become sad. 
So apply now!

The posting

I'm writing an application now. On second thought, should I send an application to a guy named Mr. Nice Guy? Why the need for secrecy?

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