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Name a Bed Contest: Win $150 (via TransferMaster)

You and your bright ideas. 
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The new mattress is really a feat of engineering. This thing's got a medical core to really help people who need it. Sleep is important. And we want to help! Transfer Master wants YOU to help them name their new mattress! Check out the details below. Come up with the winning name, and score a $150! Just in time for the holidays!  The new mattress is a member of the supernal line by…

How (Exactly) to Rebuild a City

Perhaps it is an issue best left to politicians jostling for credit on who gave what and how much. Perhaps not.
Perhaps it is an issue of sheer will and perseverance.
Perhaps it is an issue of faith.

While many think that rebuilding a city is a matter of sending relief goods, shelter and financial donations, I am somewhat inspired by what the current Pope said previously on an unrelated matter. I am not a Catholic but his message resounds in my spirit and heart.

Where There is Work, There is Dignity
Where I live right now used to be a frontier a few decades back. And my observations on how this little barangay was built both the negative and the positive could be of value to those who have the power to make it so in Tacloban City and elsewhere with the aftermath of Yolanda.

People choose the place to put their shelter on not just because of its security but because it is near the source of value that it can provide to them.

The world can only sustain Tacloban and elsewhere until how lon…

PSA: November 20, 2013

If you know any of the victims in the typhoon Haiyan who are in need of shelter, I can support 1 to 2 families temporarily until they can get back on their feet. 
My facility is located in +Lipa City Batangas
If you are from Redcross or DSWD just bring them here, I have no transportation. 

Typhoon Yolanda Put Many Holes in My Roof: Here's How Helped Me Fix It

Thankfully, Yolanda didn't hit Lipa City as much as Tacloban and Central Philippines. By the way, you should consider helping out Yolanda relief efforts if you can't give hugs and love personally.

You could find resources on how to help Yolanda victims through this link from Google:
So as I was saying, only signal number 2 was raised in the Batangas region where I live but Yolanda has exacerbated some maintenance problems I've been having for the last year or so. 
In shorter terms, Yolanda made a bigger hole on my roof where there used to be just a few. 
So, I'm thanking the good people of for helping me through this rough patch by expediting my freelance writer's earnings. Through the efforts of Jason and Amanda, I will have some funds to repair the roof. Which looked like this after Yolanda:

What is 
Well, to me it's more than just a blog network consisting of  http://www.breat…

Typhoon Haiyan Should Change the Way We Design Philippine Homes

I made a post on Reddit/r/IcanDrawThat to see if I could stir people's imaginations on how houses should be built in the future specially for typhoon prone areas. One of the many hazards posed by super typhoons is flying debris from substandard housing design. Flying corrugated metal roofs, sharp wooden splinters from 2x2x10x wooden poles and other flying maladies have ever since they were invented the average mainstay of most average income and below average income Filipino households.

This has to change if we are to believe that climate change will bring more supertyphoons to our country.

Like in Kung Fu, houses should not be built to withstand these lateral and vertical forces but rather to let them flow. Think "aero" and aqua dynamic. Let the typhoon winds and the waters flow.

So I derived some inspiration from igloos. Think of raised concrete igloos and their ability to withstand wind speeds of more than 200 mph. Do you think it's doable?
Let's see what the…

Sounds Like Fun: YouTube Music Awards

I made a GIF for the Youtube Music Awards, but it got lost....