I was blessed by a relative who held the Youth Camp of their church group here in Virginia’s Garden.

This is and was my goal and vision for this place and it feels very heartening and encouraging to see the throngs of youth, getting to know themselves, helping out in cleaning the garden, knowing Christ and just having fun with nature. To Ralph and Tito Raffy, maraming salamat po and wow, just wow.

After the event, a nice young woman from the group named Wendy then approached me and gave me a book written by John Rodica (@JohnRodica). It was entitled, “8 Simple Tips for Young Entrepreneurs”. 

Today as I was cleaning the pool while watching my kids take a swim, I finally found the time to finish reading it.

It was a very easy read and an uplifting one. His humorous, personal and positive approach to entrepreneurship is refreshing and is good to recommend for the youths of today. I recommend it even to the seasoned entrepreneurs who are still finding their niche and their passion in this world.
So to Wendy, Ralph, Tito Raffy and the group, maraming salamat po! 

I look forward to seeing you more and would love to host you and your group again. Feel free to visit us anytime!

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