The Last Post

If you've been a Blogger blogger ever since the glory days when blogs were cool then you would have joined Blogger's Friend Connect. This is where you'll see the posts of the blogs you followed way back in the beginning - when life was just.... different.

I've followed several blogs back then mainly for a particular post but never really got around to reading their later posts.

Today as I was resting, keeping quiet and doing some electronic housekeeping, I chanced upon some of the blogs I followed from the wonder years.

Most of them just stopped. Abandoned blogs floating around with mundane, mysterious or even cryptic last posts. Some of them moved on to greener pastures and are now even writers for Huffington Post. Jonha!

Yet some stopped with very cryptic pieces. Short, concise and straight to the point without giving any details.

Last blog posts like: "Something went wrong."

Freakish huh?

Indeed I would have stopped myself, but organizing my halo-halo thoughts necessitated my dalliance with this $10 a year therapist named Blogger.

There are many things that have happened that I have not written about. Some of them are good.

Indeed the worst thing that could happen to a blogger is to not be able to write even though you have all the freedom in the world to do so. Yes, pseudonyms could work for some, but I've never really had one except for "dannybuntu" - which by now is stuck on me like a giant tuko.

The point is, there will come a time when you will go back to how you started with the way you thought. Blogs are like time machines of thinking and are easier to grasp, organize and sort than Facebook notes, twitter tweets or Google Plus posts. It's how you thought back then, about life. If you're still writing and alive, (duh) it's also about exactly how you got here.

For now, there are certain things that would forever remain in the Draft section of my Blogger account. I'll keep them there, so that maybe one day, they will prove to be useful to get to the deeper aspect of me. Kids always want to know the psyche of their parent's mindset.

It's one way to know how to proceed in life.

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