How Long Will 'Yo' the App Last and Where to Find People to Yo

Longer than you think.

Picture yourself sitting on a barstool after work. Yo. You look at your phone and then see that it's GIRLINAREDDRESS. You look around and then you see her, smiling at you. Yo. It's that simple.

It's a pretty fun App once people start to Yo you - en masse. The thing is, there's really no way - yet - to find people in Yo unless you invite your friends on social networks.

"Yeah grandma on fb, ok hahaha. You Yo'd me. Haha, you Yo'd me again. Chuckles. And again. Ok, it's no longer funny. Block."

Not much luck Yo'ing my fb friends. So I decided to go to twitter. Now how do you find people who would willingly want to be Yo'd by you. Tada!