Karne Ka Ba? Overhaul Philippine Transportation Sector

"Filipino commuting makes you feel like you're a slab of meat being delivered from Point A to Point B."

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Dear Foreigner in the Philippines,

Chances are you commute most of the time. You might have ridden a taxi, a bus, a jeepney or a tricycle. During your first time, it must have been cute. Culture!

But then as time wore on, the experience just became very unpleasant. 

If you've ever been screwed or overpriced by Filipino transportation, please do allow me to apologize in behalf of my countrymen. Filipinos are generally honest and trustworthy. 

Kind Regards,

A Filipino 

The year is 2014. As a Filipino child who grew up in the 80s to 90s, I've long dreamed of the year 2000 as the year when cars could fly and there's no traffic. I've dreamed that going from one place to another would be a pleasant experience filled with wonderful sights and views. Whether you have a car or are commuting, I thought back then that life as a traveler would be better.

I was wrong.

Commuting and travelling in the Philippines is like riding a hell hound going from purgatory to hell and then going to some place worse than hell while stuck in traffic, with heat, high humidity, dust, smoke and pollution.

And I am speaking as a Filipino who lives in the Philippines with no car.

No Written Rules

Commuters generally have no rights - except when they are already in the hospital dying or dead and if there's media coverage.

Contrast that to the German or the British system wherein when a bus gets one minute late, people start grumbling and you know that a commuter's life here is worse than hell.

Unprofessional Drivers

Whether it's a taxi, jeepney, bus or tricycle driver the rules are the same. They are the kings of the road. As far as I know, there are no "Rules of Conduct" for you to become a driver. You only need a driver's license which is very easy to get.

The government tries to regulate this via the LTO, LGUs and the LTFRB but life on the street is still the same.

It sucks.

How many times have you witnessed a jeepney driver dropping off a passenger and then moving as the passenger was alighting?

How many times have you witnessed a tricycle or a taxi driver overcharging for fare with no basis?

We Deserve Better Transportation: Filipinos and Foreigners Alike


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