Lifebit: An App That Promises to "Enhance my Happiness"

After receiving a few dozen calls from Globe Telecoms about how good of a subscriber I am and about how much they want to give me a free phone, I finally reneged. I grudgingly got a plan P499, the lowest and got a LG Optimus smart phone thing. It was my first. Hey, I liked my no frills button mashing black and white screen cellphone. Bye bye to that though and hello NSA.

I can't believe those telesales calls worked on me.

I never really got around to reading up on what apps to install so I stuck with the basics. Instagram and twitter.

As I was exploring the things that could preoccupy my now beginning mobile life, I saw an app called Lifebit. The premise sounded cool,

"Share Life and Smile" 

Ok cool, cool. What made me want to install the app though was this.

"Lifebit is a social network around doing positive activities in the real world. It's a big list of community created quests based on passion such as Food, Books, Philanthropy, Traveling, having fun etc."

I Installed it, did the usual rigmarole of filling up my details and the App struck me like some sort of Pinterest, Instagram thing. Post pictures and "lifebits" according to categories such as Green Thumb or Foodie.

I could only imagine if a "Taong Gubat" (Jungle man) from here used this app. Anyway, I'm going to take it for a spin and see whether I have space for this in my life.

Climb tree, eat mango, throw mango seed away, fall from tree, smile and post on lifebit.