A Look Into Scootpad's Educational Software

How do you feel when you hear the words, “adaptive learning environment”? How does the idea of getting back to the basics with a fresh approach and focus sound like? With Scoot Pad’s online adaptive educational experience, kids are immersed in a learning environment that complements your child’s core subjects. Simply put, it’s a learning experience that’s both fun and tailored to suit the sophisticated taste of today’s toddlers and kids. You can search for it in the Google Chrome store or play.google.com.

I should know because we use the free version with my kids and the results are quite remarkable. You first start off with the parent/guardian or teacher account which oversees the activities of the children. Signing up online is both easy and free for the basic account. You can also do so via your Facebook or Google account. After signing up you are taken to the main dashboard. The whole experience was designed to look fun and intuitive, so it feels like you’re just signing up on Facebook.

Why you should create student accounts

Creating student accounts on Scootpad is the whole point of the exercise, but there’s more to it than just answering a few quizzes. For one, there’s a friendly leaderboard that rates the performance of the child against Scootpad users all over the world. The environment was made in such a way that makes learning fun and competitive. With the right encouragement, your child would be enthused to get the highest score and maybe score a reward!

I had my daughter Alithea play Scootpad and she scored remarkably: she took on 560 problems, 37 practices and tasks for a total of 1,348 coins. “Coins” is the app’s reward system where an accumulation automatically notifies you to give the child their well deserved reward. For instance, 1,000 coins would get her ice cream. That’s totally up to the parent of course. But remember, a happy child is a motivated child and a motivated child is a better performing one!

Upgrading will elevate your child's learning experience to the next level

If you’re willing to pay for online items in video games such as virtual hats, pants or shirts for your virtual character then upgrading your child’s Scootpad account makes a lot of sense. It opens up the complete potential of the platform, giving your child the access to Scootpad’s advanced features.

It’s all about priorities and the potential that could be unlocked with the dearth of materials that could be made available for the child. The added features include behavior tracking, common core assessment, proficiency customization, measurable results, parent collaboration and more.

Compared to other software solutions, Scootpad’s is one of the most affordable in the market today. It’s designed with parents, teachers and fun loving students in mind. Try it out now. Go to Scootpad.com.

Modified creative commons image via flickr

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