Will Swap A Large LCD Projector Screen with Goats, Sheep or Laptop

Tired of using a white cloth or a white wall for your power presentation or Church service?

This is the day, yes this is the day - when you get something more professional at a very low price - or swap something to get this nice and huge LCD Projector screen.

We are clearing our inventory of mostly unused items and one of these is our projector screen.

For sale, it's P4,900 - way, way below the normal price.

It's 5 ft by 6 ft.

Or... You can swap with me.

Swap Condition 1:
- 2 female goats and 2 male goats

Swap Condition 2:
- Brand new grass cutter of the same value (I prefer kawasaki)

Swap Condition 3:
- Netbook/Laptop

Swap Condition 4:
- Female Dog

Open to swap negotiation. Call me, let's talk.

My phone number is 63917 - 3 - 888- 227.