Blogging Dreams

Show me a blogger who is lost, and I'll show you the infinite.

Every blogger aspires and dreams. They say that it's like an itch that just needs to be scratched until the ideas mellow and that lump on your skin becomes tender. Perhaps, this is also satiated when you're already living in your dreams in some distant oasis where the waves scatter amid a foamy wash of happiness.

Blogging's greatness comes from the little things that we share and love. It comes from passion, ideals, faith and the notion that yes, we are not alone.

To many people, blogging is a continuing search for the things that we are looking for in our real lives. It's about soul-searching and looking for people who are doing the same. But don't let me get ahead of myself. Let's see what others have to say.

Hope and Purpose

Hope is a funny thing. It just pops out like the snap of a finger waking us up from our technically induced slumber. Snap, you open your eyes and then see the shadows still dancing, still prancing about. But with your eyes open, things become clearer. 

Things... manifest...

So to find this hope, I had to ask this question: Has Blogging Helped You Attain Your Goals/Dreams? Maybe a house or a car

Hey Danny,

Excellent question, as always. Blogging has helped me to achieve satisfaction, knowing that I am helping others to succeed through my blog (that is perhaps the greatest reward).

Blogging has also encouraged me to adopt a different outlook on life - to take on challenges, to learn and experiment more often (that's perhaps the best way to live life; gaining more experience.

We may not be able to answer the fundamental questions, like why we exist, but at least we can say that we had a good run). (An example would be languages; I am learning two of them right now. I doubt that I would have done it, had I not come across blogging). Blogging also helped me to improve my writing skills, marketing skills (something I didn't have earlier) and networking skills (which is good, communication is the key, right?). 

Discovery and Soul Searching

Probably the biggest difference blogging has made in my life is that it's helped me discover more about who I am and what I want. When you're consistently find something to write about that is of interest to you, sooner or later you begin to see the trends Through blogging I've met people who have helped me learn and expand my ideas.

I've always been in creativity and more specifically in creative ideas. When I saw myself going back to that topic again and again, eventually I got the message - this was where I needed to go (even though I thought I wasn't creartive at the time). I am now a certified ARTbundance™ coach and I help people find their own insights and great ideas by using creative tools.

Blogging has also helped me improve my writing skills, get confident as a writer and get paid to write. I'm not making a fortune writing (yet), but I am making money, having fun and I have the condfidence to say that I'm a freelance writer.

Inspiration and a Dream Job

In other times, this burst of inspiration comes shining through. That one moment, a glimpse of light peeking from a small crack lends one to stand once more. Such is the story of Nishadha Silva, a man from Sri Lanka who has found his dream job.

I always wanted to work for a start-up. And I got the opportunity to join a diagramming start-up Creately because they spotted this article written by me. I got called for the position of social media marketer and once in the interview I managed to convince them of my SEO and other digital marketing skills. I got hired as the Internet Marketing Specialist and now I'm a Lead Internet Marketing Specialist handling most of the marketing activites. Not bad for a blog article :-) .

Friendship and Camaraderie

When I lost my job aged 57 four ago, blogging changed my life. It has given me contacts who give me paying jobs that pay the mortgage. No, I am not rich, but I have a roof over my head and friends who care. Those are the two most important things in life, so I am happy.

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