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So today, I've rekindled my love for learning. Specifically, javascript and html. It's just something that I wanted to learn and re-learn. It's like eating ice-cream the second time around. Can you remember when you first ate ice-cream? Probably not. But it should have made an impression on you, that after you tried it, you'd want to try it again. You want to re-experience the sensation.

I'm switching between codeacademy.com, udemy and buckysroom.org. It's like trying to alternate between three books on the same topic. In this way, one complements the other as the third one verifies the knowledge.

I like Bucky's style, it's pretty straightforward. Hopefully, it will lead up to me later on learning how to make those inspirational animated html5 sites like the ones you can find in hongkiat. This is the first episode of his beginner javascript tutorial.


Update: Included Introduction to Javascript by Douglas Crockford

Video 1 - Bucky's Javascript Tutorials

Video 2 - Javascript Tutorials: Comments and Statements

Video 3 - Javascript Tutorials: Variables

Video 4 - Javascript Tutorials: Different Types of Variables

Video 5 - Javascript Tutorials: Using Variables and Strings

Video 6 - Javascript Tutorials: Functions

Video 7 - Using Parameters with Functions

Video 8 - Functions with Multiple Parameters

*Passing information to the parameter.

Video 9 - The Return Statement

Video 10 - Calling a Function from Another Function

Video 11 - Global and Local Variables

Video 12 - Math Operators

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