Finding the Best in People: Meet Kim

The Quest for Awesome Sauce
It's a straight-forward question, "how do you make a superstar?" That will be the theme for the whole week as we look for experts who can point us to the right people, connections or social media tools to achieve our goals.
Brainstorming for a solution
So for my next #mbustorm challenge, we'll be exerting our best efforts to achieve this. As a music industry outsider this is beyond me, I'm not a music talent promoter so we'll look around for the veterans and the pros. Our course of action is this:
  • Brainstorm through and interview them.
    • How do we go about in YouTube promotion?
    • How do we make a video viral?
  • Follow through their advice - that's doable
  • Execute and promote
  • See the results

  • Get a publicist involved
  • Is it good to go for "wider audience" or better to narrow it down and focus (I would say focus)
  • Crowd-funding sites
  • Sing for charity
  • Tell his story
  • Get a journalist interested
  • Interview on blog
  • Come up with a Twitter marketing campaign

Post in Progress Stay Tuned!