Reddit Enters Crowdfunding Game

Reddit today announced a new offspring of its social networking site, a brainchild of sorts, The premise?

"an entirely new project that we hope will enhance your experience on reddit, create stronger subreddit communities, allow redditors to collaborate and support each other, and empower redditors to make a difference."
In what may be a major upset to services such as or gofundme, reddit is turning the monetization model upside down by building the community first then figuring out how it can monetize the platform. At the ungodly time I'm writing this, several campaigns have been posted and most are memorabilia related such as reddit stickers, t-shirts and pins.

The site is still in Open Beta so we can expect a few quirks and weirdness around it as people play around. But knowing reddit and its capacity to come up with notable feel-good gimmicks such as Secret Santas, Random Acts of Kindness or Random Acts of Pizza, this force has a lot of creative juice in its favor and may lead to amazing things.