Tsu.co Founder Sebastian Sobczak Gets Interviewed on Foxbusiness.com

It ain't real, until it's real. 

But then, in your search trying to find out whether it's true, you may discover that you could be the last one to know - and miss out. By the way, did I mention that it was free to join?

 "What if there was a Facebook that paid you? Now, Facebook may not be generous, but there's a site that is..." - Fox Business Host


Tsu.co Co-Founder Sebastian Sobczak gets interviewed on Fox Business

Skepticism is good.

After all the other failed (and embarrassing) social networking experiments, it's just a matter of time, when one will come along and chip a small piece out of FB's dominance and "disrupt" the status quo. That's what start-ups are supposed to do. That's what tsu.co may bring.

There's a mad frenzy among the social media superstars out there to vie for the most number of followers, so much so that notable people are:
  1. Advertising on Google with the keyword "tsu"
  2. Advertising on Facebook
  3. Repeatedly spamming twitter
  4. And just being total asshats in the mad scramble for things that are not yet even there

Tsu's launch was meticulously and strategically planned.

Like Facebook's launch, Tsu's entry is like watching the Phantom of the Opera the second time around with different actors, a different venue and a different taste. Their thrust comes at the heels of the launch of alternative social networking sites like ello.co. A few days after that and notable social media figures have publicly announced their intent to join. Foremost among them is none other than the most famous problogger himself, Darren Rowse.

Certain social media demi-gods are also launching their own campaigns

Subtlety is their craft and they do so with relative ease and expertise. But for all intents and purposes, there are many campaigns silently being launched side by side with Tsu's initial announcement. If you look at this rough timeline, you'd notice the pattern.

The other big social media hot shots must have been taken by surprise or are taking a cautious stance since not too much is known about Tsu.co right now. I'm talking about Mashable and all the others who seem to be the first to jump at the chance to write about anything social media. 

Even reddit has been pretty quiet and doing a search about Tsu nets you results pertaining to Tennessee State University. 

Caution is good - but considering that it's free to join - what have you got to lose but time?