Not a Poem for Ferguson

I've never been to Ferguson
I probably never will,
Once I dreamed of a road trip in the American horizon
Maybe I'll just keep still

It once looked like heaven
In the TV shows, in the movies
Can't you see that you're all brethren?
Look at that, simple minded me

That melting pot of the land far away
The whole world knows every time they sway
Here, when you say America
You mean "rich country" - can't be anywhere else like Antarctica

Heaven on Earth that's why we all flee
Filipinos leave our country
Yet there's very few riots can you see?
What happens is a slow decay

Like rust on a metal pipe
Like termites in the wood
Bursts of anger leave little room for chatter
Talking heads give poignant mind matter

Everybody's talking,
No one's sitting down to listen
Everybody's a legal expert
Nobody's for calming and reasoning

America, what happened to you?
Those great movies, weren't they true?
Land of the free, home of the brave
Everyone's looking at the slow deprave

If you fail as a democracy,
Other nations will say
Why do you want us to become like you?
Like a teenager flailing about

Racism's a scary thing, happens everywhere
But that's no reason to riot and have no care
Why? It's unfair? Why? Passion subdued?
Why? Because if you don't, you'll be a nation divided into two.

Or three, or four, how many races are in the world again?
Not just 195...

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