The Blogger Who Sold His Soul

"How much is your soul worth?" the man in the dark asked.

The blogger laughed as the glint from the screen shone on his spectacles. Bright reflections glimmered as a parade of video, images and text filled the glasses of the blogger.

There was only silence.

"Wait, what? You serious...?" the smirking blogger said as he opened another tab on his browser. "Awww, ha ha ha. If you're going to give me the silent treatment, might as well give you an answer - a million bucks. There. Cold, hard and paid through Paypal. Boy I never saw any of that before. Might be fun to Photoshop a million bucks on my Paypal account. Ha, ha, ha!"

He laughed louder.


"Don't forget escrow!" the blogger laughed in a shrill voice as the man in the dark barely uttered a sound.

"Done." said the man suddenly as he stepped backward - back into nothingness.

"Sell my soul. Oh ho ho ho ha ha. Like yeah, that e-bay kid. Ahahaha. Wonder where he is now?" said the blogger to himself as he took a puff off his electric cigarette.

"Sell my soul." he chuckled.

Image via Flickr

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