Blind Faith

Sometimes, when the winds carry the echoes of breaths made years before, I ponder. What things were like becomes a visual delight for us who are in the present. How places smelled, how people talked, what music played and what sounds touched their ears grant us a peek to an alternative reality that's similar in some breadth, but different than that which we are facing.

But these winds from the past carry with them nightmares about harsh realities that force us to ask,

"What if?"

  1. What if there was no God?
  2. Then we are on our own. 
  3. Then there is no absolute moral justice. 
  4. Then the justice of man is only meant to preserve the status quo - and would always be that way
  5. Then this status quo is beneficial to someone.
  6. Then Richard Dawkins is right, that every single thing religious people did was all for nothing. He called these things and lives 'petty'.
  7. Then so many things that many people are fighting for right now, are meaningless. Conflicts, wars, campaigns, callings, jobs, missions, vocations, entire lifetimes - all just meaningless. 
  8. Then every bit of glorification for God's glory were/are similarly meaningless. 
  9. Then what many people have been waiting for, they've waited for in vain. 
  10. Then in knowing this, it would have crushed their spirits - their motivations to keep living this life in this imperfect world.
  11. Then people would know that they've been wronged, misled and used. For what?
  12. Then they would realize that they cannot just simply walk away from the life they've chosen. 
  13. Some have borne arms and spilled blood - even their own, for the glory of their god. For those who are still living, would they just stop and let go?
  14. Some spent their entire years studying ancient manuscripts and laws that purportedly came from the divine. What would they do then?
Jeff Sheldon
For many religions out there, life is a waiting game. Our lives here right now become just that temporary thing in preparation for the real thing. Sometimes, it just doesn't make any sense. 

Then the funny thing is, somebody would come and say that it is not for us to understand. 

It's always about the second coming of someone divine who passed. Whether it's Jesus or the Jewish Messiah, it's always about their second coming. 

It's always about the rewards for those who waited and behaved; and the punishments  for those who didn't believe at all. 

On the other hand...

My problem with evolution is that we have not changed that much. If you really think about it, many of us are still stuck in our barbaric ways. Ask yourself these questions, 
  • Has humanity really reached a stage of true enlightenment?
  • Have we all reached an existence that is equitable for all?
  • Have we all attained what our beings were meant to attain?
All indications point towards a continuous stream of distractions and yet more distractions. 

Who created this system?

Somewhere, sometime, somebody decided that this would be 'the' system. The changes in modern society we are seeing now are tremors of an upcoming shift. And I think many are afraid of these shifts. 

I for one, am. But that doesn't mean that I don't look forward to seeing them.

What kind of new society does this bring? What shadows do they carry that provoke that instinctive fear in many?

Change is in the air

No --

Many changes are in the air, both good and bad

Our destinies are intertwined as a world community. Our futures are being written as we speak. What happens next, would be a myriad of possibilities - and it's only up to us to change or embrace them. Blind faith would be just as the word "blind" itself, would describe. It's about closing our eyes to all other things we could see...

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