The Trapos Have Evolved

On my facebook feed, I often see people complain about populist leaders like politically besieged Vice President Jejomar Binay. Strategically, it really doesn't matter now. Under constant political fire and with the latest salvo being the draft report endorsed by ten senators, Binay's suspected presidential bid this coming elections has already been sunk before it was even launched.

They're just driving the nail in the coffin.

How to Clone Binays
Elitism, token charitable works, snobbery and middle class apathy towards the poor.


The Philippines has seen a marked rise in its economic fundamentals since the early 2000's, but I'll leave that to the economists to discern. (Side note to Marcos Loyalists and their pronunciations about how the Philippine economy was "better" during the Martial law eras, take note of the GDP from 1972-1981. Subjective definition of 'better' and GDP as subjective and insufficient indicators, notwithstanding).

Despite the numbers, poverty persists at a rate of 25% (PSA-NCSB 2015) from 28% (Philstar 2013).

"During the 1st semesters of 2006, 2009, and 2012, the bottom 20 percent of families have a share of about 6% of the total income in the country; whereas the upper 20% have a share of nearly 50% of total income." ~ (

Get Ready for the Evolved New 'Trapos'...and their children... 
Ladies and gentlemen, there's a new breed of 'trapos' and with apologies to Charles Darwin, they have 'evolved'. And you know what?

They're more dangerous.

Who are they?

  • They're educated and may even have postgraduate degrees
  • They're financially and politically savvy 
  • They came from the elites or are aspiring to be one of them
  • They give out 'scholarships', 'health benefits', 'educational support' in exchange for patronage 
  • They claim to be religious or forge links with religious organizations
  • Their language strikes a balance between those spoken and written by progressives and the masses. 
  • They forge links with intellectuals and progressives just as well 
  • They act as if they're true servants of the people
  • Their charisma can extend to all spectrum of the politico-social sphere
  • They know how to use the law to their advantage

But underneath all this chameleon behavior, they're still from the same species. They're the 'homo politicus trapoensis'. They aspire for political office for money and power just the same - and not to become true servants of the people. 

Because of their intellectual capacity and network, they have the capability to fool even the most astute and well informed voter. They know how to cover their tracks, they know how to use popular media, they even know how to use social media! They know all the rigors of good statesmanship and even the philosophy of the - servant leader.

And the thing is, I'm not really talking about VP Binay. 

"Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone"
In this day and age, it is getting harder and harder to discern the truth when there is simply too much information going around. The rigors of verification, evidence and corroboration have become gargantuan that we cannot just trust any source of information as the absolute truth.

It scares me that we, the middle class, are forced to limit our information only from the sources that are convenient and accessible to us. Where does white collar crime happen? How does corruption work? How does the evolved trapo operate?

We're just too busy to really check our sources.

It's sad that we would have to peek under several layers of dirty and even clean rugs, to really know the truth.