Part III of "The Day God Got Bored" - "This is Justice"

I've started practicing my hand on fiction. I don't know what genre to put it on, so I just put it at random. The general gist of the story is existential and thoughtful. It's part of my spiritual journey as I grappled with some things in my personal life - and some truths that I have seen. 

Basically the idea is yes, God got bored. If you think about reality in terms of the universe, you'd know that there are no mistakes mathematically. We're just beginning to master the laws of physics and right now I can see God as the ultimate astro-physicist, programmer, chemist and all. So, in the millions of stars in the supposed to be perfect universe - there lies a problem: man. 

Why is there evil? 

Free will right? 

Why were we given free will in the first place? 

I hope you join me in this journey as I begin to piece together 'things' in my head.