Praying for You Digong Duterte

I know what it means to seek absolute justice, I know how it is to seek a God that does not answer. I know how it is to seek Veritas - the truth when all vestiges of it cannot be found.

You were angry as a child. Abused by men of God. They were preaching His laws, preaching His good Word while they did what they did in the dark corners of their churches.

You grew powerful as a man. Rove the streets seeking justice. Became a lawyer. Could not find justice still.

You realized, human justice is an illusion.

So you took it in your own hands. You became justice personified. The bringer of death to those whom you deem to be evil. 

Because I know, you wanted to ask the rapist, the thief, the murderer, the drug pusher, why they did what they did. You did not get a reply. No bright trumpets heralding the arrival of the truth you so desperately craved.

You only saw animals begging for your mercy. There was no God in that scenario. You were god in that scenario.

Still you looked and asked for God, where was justice? Where are You God as I am about to execute this animal? It is not even evolved. Will you send angels to prevent me from doing so?

There was no answer.

You did not find the answer even as a lawyer, even as an executioner.

You became a politician. You grew powerful.

You had the ultimate power to kill.

Saw more of the filth that is humanity. You understood: You controlled your own destiny.

There was no God who will go to earth and bring these criminals to justice. There was only you.

Now you are old, maybe sick, maybe dying - and yet you still seek the same answers to the same questions - you still seek the truth.

Is there a God?

Your foolish supporters, cajoled you into running for the Presidency and you know that most of them just want to use you. They thought that you can bring justice back in the land.

Eto gusto niyo? Siguro sabi mo sa sarili mo. Aba, ambot.

Doing this, you took the ultimate challenge. Maybe becoming President will dismantle the group that you so abhorred for their hypocrisy.

"I would trace them to my younger years in the Ateneo. It will destroy the church and the present status of so many priests and what they are doing," you said.

I guess you did not really want the Presidency. Kinulit ka lang, desperado na ang mga tao e. Akala nila, alam mo at natagpuan mo na ang tunay na hustisya. Akala nila, alam mo kung paano aayusin ang kasiraan nila. They just want revenge, they just want vengeance. You and I both know that.

I only have one message for you.

Repent. The kingdom of God is at hand.

Justice is not yours to dispense.

Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.

Romans 12:19

You Shall Not Murder

Exodus 20:13

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Amos 5:24

My father's words, are below.

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