1 Corinthians 16:14 "Do Everything in Love" - The Man Who Dumped Dead Chickens

The man who owned the dead chickens that got dumped in our perimeter - his grandson was a 10-15 year old boy, who was accused of raping a 2 year old inside a pig sty. 

The boy was not jailed because he was a minor. More importantly, because of the broken human Philippine justice system.

First, I'm answering my life's stresses through this calendar. Not every day is easy. But these simple words, put some perspective. In my search for answers, they brought me a moment of peace.

Just this morning I spoke with the man who owned the dead chickens. He said "Kukunin ko sana ang manok kaya lang parati nakasusi ang gate niyo e. Hindi ako makapasok." Nakangisi pa. (I would have gotten the dead chicken but your gate was locked. I can't go in. - he was smirking)

Tumango na lamang ako. Sa isip isip ko, "Pwede ka namang kumatok at magpaalam. Yun naman ang gawain ng mga disenteng tao."

I simply nodded. In my mind I was thinking, "You could have just knocked and I would have opened it. That's what normal people do."

Love is not solely for the people who are lovable, they are also for those who are unlovable. Jesus demonstrated this when he died for all - across the board - sins.

The love we are talking about is love for people who seem to act like they are not people, but animals.

My prayer for today, "Lord teach me to love people who are very very unlovable. Forgive me for thinking that they are just animals. They are your creation just the same, Lord, Your will be done on Earth. May you forgive them for their trespasses, as I forgive them too though they are an unrepentant and prideful people. May your glory reign forever." 


My daily scripture guide from Back to the Bible Ministries, given to me by my mother.
NIV. February 4, 2016.
Image credit: Lukas Budimaier
Photoshop Scripture: Me

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