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A.W. Tozer said, "We allow what God hates because we want to be known to the world as good-natured agreeable Christians. Our stance indicates that the last thing anyone would want anyone to say about us is that we are narrow minded." 

This has caused many Christians to compromise and not voice a godly position on issues, but our silence speaks volumes.

Page 76, "Hell" Bill Wiese quoting A.W. Tozer. 

All are direct quotes from Chapter 11 "We Wouldn't Want to Offend Anyone" of Bill Wiese's book, "Hell"

"In today's society, there is an acceptance of just about everyone's beliefs to the point where many espouse to the opinion that there is no longer a right or wrong. "All things are relative," our society declares. This acceptance seems, on the surface, to be much more "understanding" and "open-minded". However, is this embracing of everyone's beliefs being open-minded, or is it helping to promote a moral decay in our culture? The lie of relativism has been packaged as consideration for others. Yet, it is not really consideration for others, but rather, toleration of others' moral depravity."

"Most do not want their sins exposed, so they accuse Christians and the Bible of being judgmental and narrow-minded. Christians are then perceived as being intolerant. There is then a fear that the moral convictions of others might be forced on them, thereby causing a disdain for Christians."

Page 71, "Hell" Bill Wiese