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Why I Cannot Support Another EDSA Uprising

We are at a critical stage in our nation's development.

I support freedom of assembly and expression as enshrined in our Constitution.

But, I cannot support another 'OUST' movement. Permit me to be the Jose Rizal during the Spanish Revolution and not the Katipuneros' Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio. On the so-called 'Pro Democracy' 'Anti Duterte' side, we have constant grumblings on EJKs, lack of due process, investment chill (is the shift to China really good?), unjust climate leading up to fascism, dictatorship and the much dreaded martial law - which still hasn't happened by the way.

On the Pro-Duterte side, we have the various ragtag army of trolls, social media misfits that I wouldn't even care to name, the 'unholy alliance' of 'alleged criminal politicians' and the legions shouting 'death to drug addicts' and strangely enough, a lot of Christians and pseudo Christian sects.

I'm sick of both, to be frank.


Christ as the Victim of Death Penalty - My Response to CBCP's criticism of Manny Pacquiao

Politics and religion always seems to mix even if in an ideal modern democracy it (ideally) shouldn't.

The issue of death penalty is a contentious one.  But as it is, the general perception I have of my mostly barbaric countrymen is encapsulated in a single statement: "The fear of death deters most criminals." This is echoed in countless neighborhood conversations and street talk.

A few days ago, the CBCP (Anti Death Penalty) issued a statement noting to Born Again Christian Senator Boxer Manny Pacquiao (Pro Death Penalty), that "Christ is one of the victims of Death Penalty". The simple and concise statement strikes at the heart of this traditional nation - if it still has one. Judging by the silence of majority of the population concerning extra judicial killings, it appears that many either don't know or don't care. Ignorance and escapism is indeed bliss in this country more enthralled by the Miss Universe pageant than of the plight of thousands mur…

Political Blogging

I've veered away from political blog posts as well as writing in general because I've been noticing a disturbing trend: the rise of partisan and hurtful online discussions.

Spiteful, vengeful, angry and extremely disturbing: social media has metamorphosed into this beast of a hydra. Gone are the glory days when blogging was for fun and later on, for profit. Gone are the days, when we, the digital pioneers of a certain tech era marveled at innovation after innovation after disruption. We are in a new stage now. A stage where everybody has already gotten on board the ship that sailed.

But with everyone on board the ship of technology, "viral" has taken on a totally different meaning.

Sick thoughts, sick words from sick people deprived of logic, sound and simple sanity have permeated the technosphere to the extent that rational debate has virtually become impossible. Somebody will always say something that toe the line of their preferred viewpoint.

Today, the "Dox&q…

Rusi MP-Y-110: My First Motorcycle

I was looking for something low end, affordable, decent and just enough to help us save on our transportation costs. Riding a tricycle here in Lipa City is slightly weird and definitely expensive, but that's another story ("Magkano binabayad niyo hanggang sa inyo?" "Teka, di ba dapat kayo nagsasabi kung magkano binabayad namin?")

I checked on and there she was. My first motorcycle. She was a Rusi MP-Y-110. I didn't know a single thing about motorcycles. But my options were limited so, I said, why not give it a try? Fast forward to five months later and the experience is exhilarating. From discovery, experimentation, road testing to daily usage, I can say that owning a motorcycle is indeed is going to be my next hobby.

I got it from a guy who lives somewhere in Tambo at a bargain price of Php12,000. Of course, later on I discovered that it had no battery, no Vendix gear, the front wheel is already kalbo, and the horn button had to be replaced.

I boug…