Rusi MP-Y-110: My First Motorcycle

I was looking for something low end, affordable, decent and just enough to help us save on our transportation costs. Riding a tricycle here in Lipa City is slightly weird and definitely expensive, but that's another story ("Magkano binabayad niyo hanggang sa inyo?" "Teka, di ba dapat kayo nagsasabi kung magkano binabayad namin?")

I checked on and there she was. My first motorcycle. She was a Rusi MP-Y-110. I didn't know a single thing about motorcycles. But my options were limited so, I said, why not give it a try? Fast forward to five months later and the experience is exhilarating. From discovery, experimentation, road testing to daily usage, I can say that owning a motorcycle is indeed is going to be my next hobby.

I got it from a guy who lives somewhere in Tambo at a bargain price of Php12,000. Of course, later on I discovered that it had no battery, no Vendix gear, the front wheel is already kalbo, and the horn button had to be replaced.

I bought a new wheel, interior and exterior, had the horn button replaced with a new fuse, performed my own change oil, had it tested from our place to Balete, to Kinalaglagan to Mataas na Kahoy and back, no hitches.

First Time

As a first time bike rider it's pretty awesome to ride here in the provinces. The air is fresh, there's practically no traffic (once I learned how to manage to squeeze between vehicles) and the only drawback is you get wet. It's like riding a bicycle, only you don't get tired.

After a few months with my first bike, I'm thinking of upgrading a bit as there are limitations to the Rusi bike.

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