Political Blogging

I've veered away from political blog posts as well as writing in general because I've been noticing a disturbing trend: the rise of partisan and hurtful online discussions.

Spiteful, vengeful, angry and extremely disturbing: social media has metamorphosed into this beast of a hydra. Gone are the glory days when blogging was for fun and later on, for profit. Gone are the days, when we, the digital pioneers of a certain tech era marveled at innovation after innovation after disruption. We are in a new stage now. A stage where everybody has already gotten on board the ship that sailed.

But with everyone on board the ship of technology, "viral" has taken on a totally different meaning.

Sick thoughts, sick words from sick people deprived of logic, sound and simple sanity have permeated the technosphere to the extent that rational debate has virtually become impossible. Somebody will always say something that toe the line of their preferred viewpoint.

Today, the "Dox"

There is a war going on right now. And it is a war for the minds and hearts of whoever will believe. Philippine society is practically polarized - or maybe, the perception of society as polarized exists. You are either on "this side" or "that side". The middle ground has seemingly disappeared and that's dangerous. 

Today, a man will be doxxed (personal details revealed to the general public) and it may be premature to cite the justifications, and I believe it is unrighteous to do so, regardless of the things he said which offended people. 

To be sure, these are difficult times. As a writer, you can be as cold to the point of irrelevance, or as hot as to invite more flames.

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