Kubuntu Newbie Experience XIII - AdeptFix - When Trying to Install via Adept Manager

Thanks to my Windows XP powered (or unempowered) Pentium 3 PC, I decided to switch back to Kubuntu - this time using my Kubuntu 7.04 CD from the Netherlands! Installation went with some problems with my hard disk - apparently due to its second hand nature. I remember when I was using XP it kept on asking me to CHKDSK my primary hard drive - and always found something wrong too with the fat32 partition.

I relented to the series of error messages and decided not to hard reboot. To my joy I was able to go as far as partitioning my former FAT32 hdd to a ext3. Whoopee! Took long enough though to make me fall asleep. After 3 hours or so, it finished installing.

First order of the day when I started Kubuntu 7.04 for the first time, wondering if my Pentium 3 could make it move at all was to install firefox. I've forgotten all the codes except for sudo. So I used temujin's instructions. The buttons were greyed out though so I decided to reboot and to reboot and to reboot. Alas, Adept Manager crashed.

It kept on giving this error message:

You will not be able to change your system settings in any way (install, remove or upgrade software) because another process is using the packaging system database (probably some other Adept application, apt-get or aptitude). Please close the other application before using this one.
Okay, time for the kubuntu experts, so I fired up kopete and went straight to #kubuntu in irc.

They said that there may be other instances of Adept running. So we tried to kill them all bloody processes.

sudo killall update-notifier
sudo killall update-manager
sudo killall apt-get
sudo killall aptitude
sudo killall dpkg
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox

Ok. That didn't work.

Next, we tried this - apparently to check what other processes are utilizing the same resource:

ps ax | grep adept

killed them one by one:

dan@kubuntu1:~$ sudo kill 10103
dan@kubuntu1:~$ sudo kill 10104
dan@kubuntu1:~$ sudo kill 10090

Still no go.

Until somebody finally mentioned this:

sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a

That did it!

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