How does your iGoogle look like?

I was surprised when my baby sister was surprised when she saw my iGoogle page, she said "What did you do with your Google?"

I said, "I didn't do anything with Google."


To avert a crisis of her eyebrows meeting, I told her half mythically - "Google let me do this to Google."


I guess most kids nowadays like friendster, myspace or whatever and don't want to appreciate the sheer mind numbing activity of gathering all sorts of information which we probably don't need in one page.

I've grown up. Darn. I never did get invited in one of those things called parties. Her eyes grew smaller and said, "Bro, you like to read weird stuff."

I really can't blame her.

One tab in my iGoogle page looks like this:

Yes, I know, boring stuff. Wait till you see my CD collection. But hey, not all iGooglers like to read boring stuff. There's a wide dearth of things you could put in your iGoogle.

You just need to Add Stuff to your liking and make your iGoogle very useful or not. Whichever you prefer.

I'm sure you'd like to give it a try:

1. Go to -> For most of us here (Phils) - it directs us to
2. Now look at the upper right corner of your screen - you'll see there iGoogle
3. Click on it and you'll be brought to a page like this

4. It will tell you (that is if you are Filipino): "Maligayang pagdating sa iGoogle, ang iyong tahanan sa web.Magsimula sa pamamagitan ng pagpili ng ilan ng aming pinakapatok na nilalaman."

Wow. Great! Got it! Easy as 1 2 3

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