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Day 1011: New Theme Long Time No Post

New theme.

Fixed broken sink.

Cleaned roof of neighbor.

Set appointment tomorrow at 4 pm.

Installed Firefox Personas.

Searched for kids educational websites. Most are not so good. Some were designed in 1992. Huh?

Almost killed the cat by accident. It likes to sit by the door. I was rushing to go out I stepped on it. Heard something snap. It writhed in pain. Am so sorry. Cat still alive but walks sidewards with its neck tilted.

Got email from Aris about his proposed web project proposal. Sent my feedback.

Day 1000: Happy 1000th Linux Day to Me!!!

On my 1000th day. I will post an interesting link to a well laid out dissertation on why Linux is still not ready for the Desktop.

For me it's a matter of perspective. Either way its true. Two sides same coin.

It's either a to do list or a bunch of lies.

Day 999: Debian

Ah, I am now triple booting my PC.

Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04
Debian Lenny
Windows XP

I have long wanted to use debian again mainly for its stability and to fulfill my current role as the Internet Gateway of the house network.

I will redo the steps that I have outline on Day 998 to see if I can replicate my success here in Debian.


Day 998.b: They Stole the Ubuntu Logo

Let's get this straight,


I will give you the link so that you can *pay them a visit*.


I have almost reached my 1000th Ubuntu Day! Yay! And I have updated this post to commemorate my achievement of sharing my Internet Connection with my sisters Windows XP PCs.


Wait, wait, I need to update this. It has got to be written that I made it work after weeks and weeks of toil.

Okay deep breaths. 

First, a little background: I've been trying to Setup Samba and Internet Connection Sharing for my mixed Local Area Network: Windows XP, Windows XP, and Ubuntu. Go here to see details of my problem and a diagram of our Local Area Network.

Here goes.


It worked for me. It might not for you. So don't blame me if you broke your PC too.

The solution for me was threefold. I followed these 3 guides and I believe that they all played a part in solving my problem. Without each I would not have solved it.

Internet Connection Sharing:


Setting Up Samba to Enable File …

Day 993.b: Using Windows XP

I am going to rant - mildly. My Ubuntu network woes have been taking its toll on my network. True I have managed to setup Samba to share files across platforms and computers within my network. True I have managed to ping the other computers. I have done all that. But one thing remains as elusive as Yamashita's Treasure - sharing the Internet Connection.

So right now, I am complaining because I have to use Windows XP as long as the people here need to use the Internet. I have to run a plethora of security software that takes up so much of computing resources: Avast, Zonealarm, Spybot Search and Destroy and Registry Mechanic. While all of these are all well and good and happy, I simply just HATE THEM FOR BEING PROPRIETARY.

So, now I cringe in utter disdain of my PC, typing from Google Chrome which by the way is not yet available for Linux - did somebody mention it was open source?

Now, I have Conficker or Conflicker, or whatever the heck worm sitting right beside me, or rather appea…

Day 993: Sleepyyyyyy.....

I am obsessive compulsive, at least I think I am.

Day 991.c: Networking Woes Master Log

I. Objectives:

1. Establish physical connection (hardware) - /OK/
2. Establish network connection (via ping) - /OK/
3. Establish network connection (through GUI access) - /PENDING/
4. Establish file sharing - /PENDING/
5. Establish network gaming - /PENDING/

Linuxquestions forum post



1. CNet Network Switch
2. UTP CAT5 Ethernet Cables
3. RJ45
4. Ethernet Cards for each host

Operating Systems:

1. 2x Windows XP
2. 1x Ubuntu 9.04



1. ping each host to check connectivity
a. Ubuntu ping Windows
b. Windows ping Ubuntu
c. Windows ping Windows

2. Share Files
3. Play Network Games
4. Internet Access for the 3 hosts

Yet More Details:

1. I've set all of the hardware up
2. Windows hosts can ping other Windows Hosts - NOT UBUNTU



a. Ubuntu cannot ping other Windows hosts - Therefore NO CONNECTIVITY
Since I run dual boot.
b. I have not tried pinging Ubuntu from Windows XP yet
c. When I …

Day 991.b: Increased Nausea Networking Ballyhoos Why People Give Up on Using Linux

Clair of newlinuxuser posted a very interesting article on her blog today entitled, "Why People Give Up on Using Linux". Well, to sum it all up, people give up on Linux because it is just hard to use. All of the points that were raised were valid:

1. No equivalent proprietary software for a specialized task (eg. Photoshop vs. Gimp)
2. No proprietary driver support.
3. No helpful and POLITE technical support.

Well for me, issues one and two are easily remedied since 1. software is always improving and 2. OEMs are slowly testing the waters for a Linux market (ugh I hate that phrase).

As for issue 3. Well, it sucks.

I have been trying to address a simple Local Area Network concern now for almost a week and here is a sample of the things that were suggested to me.

1. A person who did not read through my entire question in #ubuntu pasted a prepared spiel on how I should ask a question. The guy actually told me "that if I wanted someone to help me, I should specify my concern…

Day 991: The Ultra Fast Blackbox Window Manager

I like it - no propaganda. It's simple and lighting fast compared even to IceWm.

To install:

$ sudo apt-get install -y blackbox

Type your password.

Logout from your current session.

In the login screen, select blackbox in sessions and then login.

**I don't know why but it even makes Firefox 3 run or respond faster. But it really is fast. Can I emphasize that again? Blackbox is really ultra mega fast.

I am running:

Intel Pentium 3 650 Mhz
256 MB SDRAM PC100
Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 (You better believe it)
Blackbox Window Manager

Day 990: Local Area Network Woes Partially Addressed

Finally, I was able to resolve part of the Local Area Network Problem that I had. It turns out the culprit behind the problem was an RJ45 connector which was not crimped hard enough. I can ping from XP to XP quite well with about 38 meters of UTP CAT 5 cable.

The only thing that is left to resolve would be how to ping from Ubuntu to Windows XP.

Day 988.b: HowTo: Take Care of a 2 Year Old While Using Linux

Sometimes, it can be a bit of a challenge to do some Linux tweaking if you have  three daughters like me. Specially if the youngest daughter is two years old.

So how do you tweak your Linux box while taking care of three little children?


Get a DVD of your kids favorite cartoon (preferably an educational one) and then play it using VLC.

Be sure to make it 1/8th or 1/4th of your screen and set it to play Always on Top.


Day 987.b: debaira: How to increase boot speed and overall performance?

Day 984.b : Our Local Area Network Configuration and Troubles

Hi, I need a little networking help. 

Here is the layout of our noobie home network.

I am "Host 3". I run a dual boot machine: Windows XP and Ubuntu Jaunty.

When HOST 3 boots In Windows XP:

1. We can ping each other with some packets dropped.
2. We can see each other's icon in our workgroup
3. My computer (Host 3) cannot transfer files to and from other hosts
4. Hosts 1 and 2 CAN transfer files to and from each other
5. Host 3  CAN play network games (Tremulous) with HOST 1 and HOST 2
6. Host 3 has NO internet connectivity

When HOST 3 boots in Ubuntu

1. No connection whatsoever

*Some more information:

1. Host 1 acts as gateway, with 2 ethernet cards.
2. Host 2 can connect to the Internet using Host 1 as gateway

What I want to achieve:

1. Connect Host 3 to the Local Area Network using
    a. Windows XP
    b. Ubuntu

2. Connect Host 3 to the Local Area Network for the following reasons:
   a. File Sharing
   b. Internet Connection Sharing
   c. Network Gaming

Day 984: LAN Shark

I hate networking. I really hate it.

Specially after going through with extreme patience having to mull about wiring a UTP CAT5 (Straight or Crossover), climbing the roof of our house, dangling knotted wires, untangling them while performing a balancing act, going down, making wires go through unseemly holes in a wall (or window), hammering at concrete, using a staple gun for making the darn wires stick to the cabinet, going inside the toilet (which unfortunately was not flushed by one of my kids), balancing act with staple gun, through window again, staple staple staple, then scratching my head whether its supposed to be Straight or Crossover again, upon deciding finally realize that I forgot what the other end of the configuration is.

Very very exciting.

The sad part is knowing that, after all the trouble, we still cannot connect.

As a consolation, we were able to connect to each other - using Microsoft Windows. Albeit there are some minor issues like dropped packets during ping and…

Day 983: "Commoditization" and the Power Point... este Open What What Argument for the Suxification of Linux

I intend to be vague. Prejudice it with the fact that I drank too much coffee tonight and that the neighbors dog is still barking at 2:17 AM.

Permit me to butcher the English language by pretending to invent a word.


Ok, ok, so it exists...

Today, I also read an interesting Open Office Presentation that argued for the increased commoditization of Open Sauce, Linux, and Free Software. It garnered interest because of its catchy title: Why Linux Sucks. (Beware, I linked to an ooo file made by Bryan Lunduke.)

For the most part I agree that Open Source's mode of doing things is "different" compared to Closed Source (duh). Whether it's less effective or efficient is a matter of opinion. For that case I must digress with Bryan and many others for their argument that 'the model' should move towards the way of implicit conformity to the proprietary model. He argued for the case of standardization of software packaging, focused development fo…