Support Philippine Tourism

The Department of Tourism is looking for pro active people who can dedicate their talents in the promotion of our archipelago in various capacities.

I heard of the news from Carlo Ople of New Media Philippines.

If you are interested, go to for more details.


1. Foreigner wants to visit the Philippines
  • word of mouth promotion
  • family relation
  • search through Google
  • tourist expos
  • medical tourism
  • advertisements
  • social media
2. Search for tourist destination
  • Same as above
3. Booking of ticket / hotel reservation
  • online - SEO/SEM
  • individual sites
  • telephone
  • walk in
    • saw an ad
    • has a brochure
    • has a friend
Although much hype has been attributed to new media, the power of word of mouth marketing is still the strongest driving factor for tourism. Most visitors go here because of:
  • positive experience during business trip - returns
  • family - foreigner weds filipino, 
  • friend's word of mouth