When I Was a Kid

FBI Special Agent Badge Mouse Pad

I wanted to be an FBI Agent.


Detective + Lawyer

For real.

My dad, encouraged this by buying me almost 50+ Hardy Boys, Perry Mason and Nancy Drew books. I had two book cases inside my room and I had a toy gun (I actually got two which really made loud sounds and really looked real), which I carried around with me wherever I went. 

Of course, this would not happen because I am not even an American citizen, so I can't really be an FBI agent. It would've sounded awesome though, Special Agent Danny Garcia ala Fox Mulder looking for aliens and government conspiracies.

The local investigative bureau here in our country, the NBI, is ill equipped, tainted, and not so glamorous as the movies portrayed them to be.

Anyway, everybody dreams of being somebody when they grow up and not everybody gets the chance to live that dream. Sometimes, people realize that the "dream" isn't really what they initially perceived it to be.

Yet others cling to their dreams despite the highest of obstacles. Of these, time proves to be the most worthy opponent. Every second that passes is a second that says, "You Should Get Going".

So for those who finally gave up their dreams, so that others may have theirs, here's a badge that you can buy for $6.99

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