Diablo 3 Open Beta Problems Are Marketing Ploys

Is it just me or do I feel like Blizzard is screwing with our minds with these Diablo 3 Open Beta problems? I mean, they make us wait for a gazillion years until they gave Diablo 2 a worthy successor. After they announce it,

they then make us wait for 3 more effing years. After that, they bait and bait us with beta invites and of course  ramp up the envy meter by limiting these to prominent blogs and then making them do all sorts of promotional gimmicks for mere beta invites.

Now, approximately 3-4 weeks before its official launch, they suddenly say, "Hey everybody can join in on the fun, but only til Monday! hee hee"

So off you go to their spanking new website, everybody goes Diablo 3 crazy on Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus. You download the stupid open beta client, then WHAM!

So, since you really want to play, (come on its free til Monday right?) you go back and forth to their website, search on Google for the precise Diablo 3 Open Beta problem,
  • ERROR: The file "C:\Program Files\Diablo III]Beta\Updates\d3-0-9359-Win-final.MPQ" appears to be corrupt
  • Error: The installer was unable to open the installer data. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support
  • Wrong information Error 315300
  • Error 3005
  • Error 3003
Go to their forums, create an account, ask your friends if they're having the same problem, post on your blog, go to their forums, comment on their blog post, ask your friends on twitter if they are having the same problem - until you finally give up and just decide to buy the game on Amazon, Diablo III: Standard Edition because it's way cheaper than the Diablo III: Collector's Edition and you could feel that that's what they wanted anyway.

So yeah, it generates a ton of traffic for them, while they can legitimately say,

"Hey, we're sorry, it's just that so many geeks are trying to cram the servers, besides, that's the reason why it's called beta. So could you just buy the game? After all you're most likely first generation players (meaning old and have played Diablo II) and probably have comfy jobs and can buy the Collector's Edition without blinking."

This is all I can say, I have no money!