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4 Infographics and Videos to Better Understand Driverless Cars

With its public testing this summer of its in-house designed driverless car system, Google has brought the next level of automotive technology directly to our computer screens while automotive manufacturers are investing billions of dollars in the idea of empty cars cruising the streets.
While we may be a way off from busy roads without drivers, there can be no denying that autonomous vehicles are coming sooner than most consumers ever expected and understanding the technologies behind them is the first step towards adoption. Whether you plan to send your car out to pick up dinner without you as soon as possible or you want to know what types of cars to avoid with caution while driving given their lack of a human driver, here are four infographics and videos to better understand driverless cars: 1. Infographic: Driverless Car Technologies
Imagining a future where distracted driving and accidental deaths are a thing of the past is one thing; developing technologies to make it happen i…

How to Plant a Banana Tree

There are so many banana varieties here in the tropical Philippines and there are as many dishes you could make with it. No wonder, people used to refer to our country as a Banana Republic. But of course, that's no longer the case.

If you have a small garden at home, with a space of at least 3 square meters of soil, you can have your very own cluster of banana trees. There's no need to fertilize it for as long as your soil still has some nutrients - rainwater and plenty of sunshine make banana trees really happy.

More than that, banana trees are one of the easiest to plant and learn how to cultivate.

September 21 2012 Fruit Harvest


Pictures of our Farm/Resort/Garden in Lipa City - September 18, 2012


Pet Coconut Seedlings and Plants

UPDATE: Grave Matter for Philippine Coconut Industry

Everyday, we get to hear loud thuds hitting the ground. When we first moved here, we thought wow! Free coconuts! In Manila, coconuts go for P20 each or roughly $0.50 US.

Anyway, after our coco craze has waned (took us 3 years), some of these guys became slightly annoying and some, dangerous.

Getting hit with one of these could send you to the ICU or worst - Funeraria La Something.

So, you should do well to always be on the lookout for cracking sounds from high above and get in the habit of ducking for cover. Better yet, don't stay under a tree for long periods of time.

Adopt Pet Coconut Seedlings or Plants

A few weeks ago, I decided to get the kids to love plants, after all they're living er - creatures too. What better way than to call these plants - pet plants. Now, three of my daughters have their own potted Sans Severias. No pics yet, since they're not overly pretty, but once they've grown, I'll post them.

Then I th…

Business Opportunities in the Philippines at

Thought of the day: One of the most terrifying things in the world are babies. It's one thing to make em, it's another thing to have life squiggling - and pooping on your arms. It's a brand new life on the same level as yours and you - yes you, are in charge of it. Anything that can and will go wrong falls entirely on your shoulder - for life. Anything that goes right, you only take partial credit for.

Business opportunities in the Philippines on

As I have mentioned previously, hunting for business opportunities on is one of my favorite hobbies - that aside from playing America's Army 3 on Bridge AI Map, planting gabi, luya and malunggay.

Though is replete with MLM, Networking, "Online Business", food cart, franchising and Eloading schemes in their business opportunities section - occasionally, you do find gems in the rough.

These are tied to real world businesses that produce actual products that's not composed of a …

Blog Convention Philippines Venue

It's 2:49 AM and I cannot sleep. A lot of things have been running around my mind for a while and I haven't been able to post much for the last month - or maybe even longer. I've lost track of my blogging time. I've put a pause on hosting guest bloggers because hosting guest bloggers is like hosting real guests. You have to be pleasant, nice and treat them as VIPs. It takes a lot of brain time and is a huge energy drain to an introvert like me.

Blog Convention Philippines Venue - I know that it's a weird post title. But it's something that suddenly crossed my mind after I visited Google Plus and saw the campaign of a Google Plus acquaintance.

There are a lot of successful - "moneywise" and "exposure-wise" Filipino bloggers in the Philippines, (I'm not one of them) but most of them still belong to an elite cadre of English speaking, SEO toting, marketing and politically related bloggers in Metro Manila.

I'm still brainstorming the idea…