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Google In Quotes: The Power of Web Search in American Politics

Google has done it again. It has proven that 'web search' remains an integral core to a lot of issues - be it on the web or on the current political battlefield.

I live in a third world country often labelled as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Despite the vast ocean called the Pacific, I find the current race for the highest office in America very significant and very pivotal for our lives here.

Clearly, the Philippines, as do most countries in the world, to a certain extent rely on the spasmodic twitches of the American economy. From furniture exports to Business Process Outsourcing, the Philippines never seems to have shaken its image of the 'little brown brother/friend' of the Americans.

This makes American national politics and consequently American foreign and domestic policy crucial to our lives here in this archipelagic nation. Google, has once again proven to be a very effective tool in shaping our perceptions and hence, judgments on the issue…

MiroTv: An Awesome Open Source Podcast and Video Player for Linux

I like to share awesome software and Miro is one of them. I've started using Miro for just about a month and I am generally very very very very happy with it. I found it by searching for 'podcast' in Synaptic.

I use it mainly as an iTunes free and open source alternative to download video podcasts.


Miro can automatically download videos from RSS-based "channels", manage them and play them. The application is designed to mesh with other PCF products such as Video Bomb, a social tagging video website, and the Channel Channel, a TV guide for internet television.

Miro integrates an RSS aggregator, a BitTorrent client, and a media player (VLC media player under Windows, QuickTime under Mac OS X or Xine Media Player under Linux).

To get it, simply do this:

$ sudo apt-get install miro

When the Going Gets Tough - The Almighty GOOG Gets Going!

While the world trembles amidst this Global Financial Crunch, there are a few who weather the storm - aside from Lawyers and former bank CEOs. Among them is the web search giant Google. The saying that, "In Good Times People Want to Advertise, In Bad Times They MUST Advertise" holds true in the case of Google.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc. quarterly profit surpassed Wall Street forecasts, sending shares up more than 10 percent as the Internet search and advertising leader withstood deepening economic turmoil around the globe.
Web traffic and revenue growth were strong in all major parts of the world and searches were up for almost every industry using Google, Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said.

HowTo: Store and Synchronize Your Website Passwords via Foxmarks Extension on Firefox 3

So far so good. Rather than running another desktop app that will store my passwords in one convenient file, I discovered or innovated a way to store it well, more conveniently.

First, install Foxmarks for Firefox 3. Do not forget to sign up for a foxmarks account.

I literally have tons of bookmarks for all the web services I access and use on a daily basis. What I do is use the bookmark itself to store the password.

Then it would appear like this:

If you are concerned about other users peeking into your bookmarks, simply abbreviate the password to a code only you could understand. For example, if your password is unitednations abbreviate the bookmark clue to UN. Of course, that is just simplistic. The key is to use clues distinguishable only to you.

Shuttleworth on the Global Economic Crisis

It's interesting to know that Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu, a billionaire tech genius is not only tech savvy - but an economic guru as well. Here is an excerpt of his analysis:

Mortgages are just the beginning.
At real rates of interest, with real expectations of a reasonable rate of return, many of the deals which have been done since 2003 just do not make economic sense. Thus far, the spotlight has been on one piece of that problem - bad mortgage loans - but I think we’ll see the problem areas expanding rapidly to include a lot of the private equity deals which were done on the basis of free money between 2003-2007. I remember a fatuous statement by some private equity genius that “everybody’s rushing to do the first $100bn deal”. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost. Expect a steady flood of announcements of setbacks, restructurings and bankruptcies as companies that were bought with borrowed money turn out to be unable to service their debt.
More here: http:/…

The Dynamics of the BPO Industry in Third World Countries in the Midst of a Global Financial Crisis

Having worked in a call center back in 2005, I somehow had an inkling that BPOs would be here in the Philippines at least until such time that the companies which are streamlining their operations find a more suitable venue to exploit cheap labor.

These BPOs created an artificial labor utopia here in the Philippines because their operations here in the Philippines are brought about by the streamlining and outsourcing of some business processes from their clients abroad.

I describe them as artifical labor utopias because the moment you step in the offices of a call center - you would immediately feel as if you were transported to another part of the planet - to the US to be precise. "Beam me up to New York Scottie!".

The language, the atmosphere, the attitude and of course the nature of the work being done all attest to this artificial environment.

As a pragmatic and hands on person, I feel that work that produces no tangible product - is the lowest among my hierarchy of …

Baby Has a Boo Boo

It's 12:02 AM October 8, 2008 here sitting in front of my computer, fighting the urge to smoke since I already have the colds. I am writing out of sadness and despair. Despair because I have come to the conclusion that the world is crazy. If that is the case and if I apply Ubuntu's existential paradigm then we could say that "I am crazy because the whole world is crazy." Because the word "Ubuntu" means "I am who I am because of who we all are."

I am going to smoke.. It's my right to smoke outside of our house.

Or not. For a minute there I actually had my cigs from my drawer and walked outside the room with one stick. I can't find my tsinelas ergo I cannot go out. Besides I feel that my lungs have enough water because of condensation brought about by jogging and then riding a tricycle. My chest got dried up because tricycles by nature are poorly designed from an aerodynamic point of view. It was designed to have as much friction with air as…

Google: I Told You So

I hate to keep saying I told you so. But here it goes: