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With a number, his destiny is changed With a number, things will never be the same
To choose a number, one must be numb-er Numb to the fallacies that it can render
Some kill and die for a number For some it is 1000000, yet that too, may still be smaller

With a number, hearts are won - or lost Or it could even mean an angry shout  from the boss Through a number, we weave through the strings of fate Yet for the hopeless, it is a broken hearted bait
If one should ever ask "What's her phone number?" One should be prepared to hear "No" for an answer
Destiny, fate, the apocalypse it seems that a number holds them to its fist
What is 10 to the 100th but a ploy by the giant Holding those who beheld it like a quivering tyrant
What is the winning number? Is it one? two? or could it be far far bigger?
One could never really tell, unless one spoke with a soothsayer Alas, the soothsayer has his own number, one of your dollar bills in his backburner
Fortunes are made and lost with a numb…

Fast Cash in Freelance Writing? Apparently Not Fast Enough...

Apparently, the fast cash in freelance is not fast enough. You may be looking for something faster. A loan payday perhaps?

In my own humble experience the fastest that I got a return on my investment was 1 day. The investment of course was none other than my time spent on writing, electricity bills and food. What can I say? When it comes to writing I can do as much as 6,000 words on a slow day and 15,000 words maximum.

How did I get that cash that fast? Well, I bypass the go betweens like oDesk and Yes you can Find Writers on oDesk,

I tend to rely on word of mouth. They pay me directly, I get the cash in a zip.

If you look at the bar to the right you'd notice that my performance has begun to plateau recently because I only earned $150 for the month of May. The month when my earning was really high was the month that I worked day in and day out.

I've decided to slow things down a bit and concentrate on a new endeavor where time isn't so labor intensive. Free…

One Important Thing You Didn't Know You Could Do In Twitter


Every minute, there are literally thousands of prayers that are made on twitter. These involve:

Prayers of thanksgiving for Answered Prayers
Prayers for loved ones
Prayers for financial help
Prayers for peace
Prayers for healing and strength

Follow twitaprayer and see what people are praying for in real time on twitter.

prudent investor newsletters: Has Quitting Facebook Been Gaining Steam?

The prudent investor, makes a very compelling case on Internet attitudes and trends.

A Better Yahoo Answers Alternative: Aardvark

After the demise of Google Answers, it would seem that Google has decided to leave the realm of crowdsourcing collective consciousness.

Come February 12, 2010 however, Google has reinvigorated their approach and acquired tech startupAardvark or (Don't confuse with  for $50 Million. This innovative website promises to give Q&A users real time quality answers through its intelligent algorithmic matching.  

It's dynamic is simple and effective.

Person A asks a question, places a tag on the question and then searches for a person in the network who is best qualified to answer. It could be Person B, C or D.

The results are impressive.

What's more interesting is that with integration to Google's IM protocol, users can conveniently add aardvark to their list of Google Talk buddies and chat with it as if it were an actual person. Well, the people who answer are actual people after all. Aardvark then serves as a buffer wherein it 'filter…

Getting to Know Each Other Again


Crowdsourcing and Outsourcing: The Two Most Legitimate Approaches to Making Money Online

Delineating between the two could spell a huge difference in terms of the quality of the service provided. Taken into context, crowdsourcing is "the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor to a large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call." (Wikipedia: Crowdsourcing)

Discovery News has an interesting podcast on crowdsourcing.

Outsourcing on the other hand, "often refers to the process of contracting to a third-party... transnational corporations have increased subcontracting across national boundaries."  (Wikipedia: Outsourcing)

Major differences between crowdsourcing and outsourcing is the inclusion of the word 'contract'. Having a contract entails several attributes:
Both of the contracting parties are legally held accountable to fulfill their obligations.In crowdsourcing, it would be more difficult, if not impossible to secure a contract because that would entail engaging in an agreement with m…

New Graduate? Can't Find Work? Try to Make Money Online as a Web Worker

Can't find work? You are not alone. An estimated 500,000 Filipino graduates are struggling to enter the labor pool right now, further adding to the existing number of unemployed. Quoting from the Philippine Daily Inquirer,

"more than 90,000 will not be able to find work
despite having invested four or five years and a fortune in a college education." (, March 2010) There is hope for those who are willing to traverse the make money online scene. As stated previously in this blog, a new paradigm is emerging - one where jobs could literally be found and done on the Internet.

Credit this to the New BPO Paradigm, where employers from abroad, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and practically every nation in the world,  can and will directly employ candidates who can do the job.

In this new paradigm, diplomas, transcripts, grades, your school's name or your economic status will not matter as long as you are able to do the job well. You won't even ha…

The New BPO Paradigm

There's a continuing explosion of both supply and demand in the world of outsourcing. Writing, programming, customer service, technical support and quite interestingly - spamming, are currently the world's most outsourced services.

The old model was for a BPO company to invest in a brick and mortar facility and then hire local workers from a certain geographic area. This was executed by large BPO corporations with venture capitalization.

This has created a boom in developing economies such as the Philippines and India, where BPO is a strong economic driver. According to the Asian Development Bank in its 2010 outlook, "the Philippine BPO industry will increase employment from 100,000 to 450,000 in 2010" (ADB, April 2010).

However, this is constantly proving to be more and more costly for the investors as maintaining a regular workforce translates to increasing unnecessary costs in terms of facility maintenance, equipment procurement, government compliance, leasing …

I Like oDesk's Banner

It tells me about the site in less than 5 seconds.

Guaranteed Work. Guaranteed Payment.

After my recent experience on,

I've decided that I would be changing the links on this website. I don't want another person to experience what I've experienced with some buyers there.

Tired and Frustrated

I am tired.

This is my midnight post and I am afraid that I might ramble on about some frustrations with outsourcing. Ok then, I would. My creative juices are exhausted and I feel something inside my chest, but I'll write anyway.

First Rant 

I saw this blog which used an interesting keyword.

Should I use it? Nah, not yet. Anyway the CEO of this outsourcing company commented on her blog about her choice of keywords and some incorrect perceptions that she had. Valid points, valid points. Even the abusive comment had a valid point. 

Anyway, right now, I want to, I want to... Nevermind.... I feel drunk with this pain...

Second Rant

Why do we need middlemen in the first place?  For vetting? Screening?

By my books, the state of outsourcing is not at its optimal level of efficiency. Too many middlemen in the - well - in the middle. lol. I am beginning to write like my - never mind. I am trying my best not to be racist, but certain cultures seem to have that authoritative - you're my …

Neobux Philippines Review: Another User Using Your IP Address Already Viewed...

In my case, that's simply not true. My IP address has remained the same for 24 hours because I haven't turned the modem off or restarted my PC. It may be a bug, intentional, unintentional, glitch or whatever. Here's a disturbing forum post in their official forum.

I recently joined the Neobux Pay To Click Program because these Filipinos claim to have earned from this: selaplanafireyarou.bloggista.netRegardless of the validity of their explanation, I am now quitting it for personal reasons.

I just wanted to find out for myself how this Neobux Pay to Clickprogram works.

Personally, one way to make sure that I am not joining a scam in the make money online marketplace is by figuring out whether my actions have a corresponding value in the real world.

What is the value in clicking advertisements?

It depends on the type of advertisements.

Here are some rules to watch:

If most of the advertisements are about