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How to Make Your Kids Not Hate You Part 1

There are so many things you can do in your life but one of the most important ones is making sure that your children - whether adults or teenagers - will not hate you.  Just a few weeks ago, I've read on an Internet forum somewhere about a man, who's asking how to pin his father for tax evasion. He's going "ultra" on his dad and really wants to send his old man to jail - purportedly for "not leaving them anything" and that he was doing it for his mom.  Since he was asking publicly and since it was personal, I advised him to just forgive his dad, forget and move on with his life. It's his old man after all.  I didn't mention that it was also in the ten commandments as well of the Christian bible "Honor thy father and thy mother" and it's somewhat in the Lord's Prayer - "forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us" alternately - "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors"
I don't know…

Where to Get and Download Neverwinter

For all the hype we've been through about Diablo III, we weren't able to get and play it at all. So in lieu of that we played Neverwinter Nights (The original) instead and a host of other Free to Play Games and MMORPGs. What made Neverwinter Nights so awesome for me and my kids was that the system requirements are well within the specification of our PCs. So we get to play the multiplayer at home a lot. 
Anyway, I'm not really entirely sure if Neverwinter is going to be Free to Play (all the way) but since I see a download link, hell yeah. 
Download Neverwinter here:

Official Neverwinter/Perfect World Download Page
Direct Download Neverwinter
Download Neverwinter via Torrent                     
System Requirements
Recommended System Requirements:
OS:  Windows® XP SP3, Windows Vista SP 2, Windows® 7 or Windows 8 Process…

It's Official - The First Filipino to Send An Application to Mars One

UPDATE: Greater than the biggest of dreams - why I am rescinding my Mars One application

I feel honored to say this, and I hope that I would do my country proud and maybe my mom too :) Definitely some things have to be straightened out with regards to my personal life - I'm not a perfect individual, but here it is. I am the first Filipino applicant to send an application to the Mars One Project.

Check out my

application hereMy application page

At the time I'm posting this, this appeared on my Facebook feed:

A Unique Mother's Day Gift 2013: Make Your Momma Proud

What's the Best Mother's Day Gift for 2013?
You can show her your degree Or buy a new car with glee!
You can get her a large new house Or maybe just snag an elegant blouse
Anyway, most just send money But that just pays for the bills honey!
Manny Pacquiao's mom would you believe Simply wants a Hermes bag do give her reprieve
Some would give a million dollars If you still have some please give me a holler!
Lazy ones give flowers The perfectly symbolic staple power
But how can you really make your momma proud? Can you jump high and grab a cloud?
Or sing the night away as she did when you were a tot and carry you too and your heavy assed butt!
The answer I can give you is love If that's all you can give, just love If that's all you have, simply love
No, it would probably not make her proud But it's better than hiding under a fake money shroud
Honor your Mother and your Father is what the good book says What that means is be of service, work hard, show respect and not just displays!

Guess Who's the First Filipino to Apply For the Mars One Project...

**UPDATE: Why I cancelled my Mars One application

Am I the first Filipino to apply for the Mars One mission?

It was a moment of distant fantasy and it only took $8 to pretend that I actually have a shot at this, but nobody's going to offer this opportunity, real or not, ever again in this lifetime. I'm 31 and I'm not very optimistic that we will develop warp capabilities or bend time and space to achieve feasible interstellar travel, at least not in another 50 to 100 years.

Besides, it only took $8 dollars, a few hours of writing and a video of myself.

The probability of success is like .000001%. But who cares right?

It's an opportunity to go to Mars, however far fetched the plan may be.

So what was it like?



To register and join, click this

After registration I paid $8, since the fee that they applied was somewhat related to the GDP of the Philippines. For Canadian applicants, I think they had to pay $33. Pretty nifty pay sc…

In Defense of Reddit

After reading through volumes upon volumes of rancid criticism of Reddit in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, I'd like to give the US and international media, a very big finger.

Should criminal investigations be crowdsourced - CNN.comReddit Moderator apologizes to Sunil Tripathi's family - Huffington Post
True - Reddit was a major source of inaccurate information at the time in r/findbostonbombers but NOT the origin. somebody uploaded the pictures and the community just discussed its veracity.
It was mainstream media which picked up the story and decided to publish the items in the subreddit as fact. The only purpose of the subreddit was to have a venue where people could put pictures to aid investigators, discuss their veracity and NOT to publicize them as matters of fact. It was a discussion forum for Pete's sake. Again, it was the media that published these stories as fact.
It's very much akin to when the media takes any of the random stories in r…

Simply Jesus Part 2 by Pastor Albert Clavo


Slow Globe Wimax April 20, 2013

I just discovered that my Globe Wimax Internet connection is slower than 93% of the Internet connections in the Philippines, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do?

By the way, this totally unrelated video is about an elephant trying to fly...

Conspiracy Theory: For the first time in 2 years, I paid my bills late. Why? Because, just because.

Nah, I doubt that they have a magical "slow down his connection because his payment was late button". But the coincidence is remarkable.

I guess I belong to the unlucky 7%

How to Improve Globe Wimax Connection
I haven't tried this.

SIMPLY JESUS Part1 (Dr. Albert Clavo)



UPDATE: Nope didn't get the job. Look below

While browsing for blogging gigs on, I noticed a peculiar job advert entitled: "Passionate Writers Wanted".

It got my attention and pretty soon my index finger started finding the letter J on my keyboard and the other fingers jumped to their respective positions like in a military formation.

Then they concocted a rather unimpressive jumble of words influenced by my flu ridden mind. In retrospect, I really do need to work on my resume which I have lost somewhere.

Then I got to thinking, after the fact.

In this day and age, how exactly does one prove to the world or at least to one person that you are a

"Passionate Writer"
Is passion found in the number of words you can write in a day? Is it found in the number of sources you can muster to make a well researched post? Maybe it's found in the number of invectives one can throw about left and right? ^$#^#%^@
The concept intrigued me so I began to researc…