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Blogger vs Freelancer

The match to end all make money online doubts.Find out which is the best way to earn money online - blogging or freelancing?Freelancer challenges Blogger to money fight.

Make Money Online. Three irritating words that seem to elude the grasp of many and yet, have been mastered by some. In an ocean of scams and liars. Finding accurate and timely information just might change your life for the better.

Definitive. I myself have questions about which make money online system is really the best and with the most potential. People want concrete answers and solutions. People want security. They want to know which one is really the best way to do earn online. I too, want to know which one is the best way.

That's why I invited one prominent blogger, Justin Germino, aka TheDragonBlogger, to a friendly and educational match.

Blogger (Him) vs. Freelancer (Me) 
I don't know whether he is going to take the challenge. I hope he does, so we could all finally lay this thing to rest in our minds an…

Blogging vs. Freelancing?

I love blogging, but it simply takes too much time and effort. I know of many bloggers who work extremely hard - harder than me in fact when it comes to taking care of their blogs. You'll see them write almost a hundred posts a month, every month. But then you'll wonder whether the cost to benefit ratio is still favorable in the odds of the blogger.

In my personal experience. Freelance writing trumps blogging in significant leaps and bounds. With freelance writing, I could earn as much as $30 a day and the most that I was able to earn was $120 in one single day.

It's just a matter of finding the right clients who'll pay you good money to do quality work.

With Blogging: 

You have no clients. You are accountable to your readers. but The Return on Income is indefinite.You risk your reputation with the things that you write.With Freelance writing: You are accountable only to the client.You get paid in definite and quantifiable amounts for a period of time.Your reputation depen…

How Much Money Does Bill Gates Have? List of Bill Gates Donations

Wouldn't it be great if you were the world's richest person, er second, third? It's a subjective matter that's replete with theories on happiness.  Bill Gates for instance, has manifested his desire to uplift the plight of those in extreme poverty. 
I'm proud to say that me and my wife, probably compiled the web's most complete list of Bill Gates Donations
You may call it my business mogul obsession. 
Along with the compilation comes a silly article on "how much money does bill gates have?"
Well, interestingly, it's apparent that his children would have to struggle to reach the status of their father since Bill Gates, masterfully announced that they would be getting little if any of that inheritance money. 
The hefty bulk of it would go to charity via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
1. Sell something universally useful to a big corporation (Like an operating system) 2. Partn…

Wordpress vs. Blogger?

I want to buy a new domain, and I am curious about WordpressAre there shiny buttons?What are the advantages and the disadvantages to self hosting? (Is that even the proper term?)
Having been with Blogger for more than four years, I can say that everything is just fine and dandy. However, I am noticing a trend where a lot of people are paying more to get on Wordpress. Every time I see an article that's been dugg, I see a Wordpress site.
The thing about Wordpress is that the blogs that are hosted there, don't look like blogs. So it somehow gives you that professional website feel with all the plugins and so.

Why I Have 39 Blogs on Blogger
Most of my blogs are on Blogger. I like Blogger because I am a Google fan. Not to mention: You can put up a blog and buy a domain in less than 2 minutes. Buying a domain with Blogger is fast, easy and painless. Yeah, 2 minutes is not an underestimation, it's for real. Cheap hosting. $10 for the domain for a year. No fees for hosting. I assume …

What's Your Problem?

ProblemsHopeBillie on Wheels Digital Imaging Service My grandfather used to tell me about his days working in Mantrade. He had a boss whom he liked to call Mr. "No Problem". He was given that moniker because whatever challenges was brought to my lolo's boss desk, the man always replied, "No Problem.". 
Everybody has his own or her own cross to bear. Sometimes, it's not only a cross but multiple crosses. Whether it's financial, family related, work, school, legal, political, etc.
Oftentimes, in our travails while we carry our crosses, it gets too heavy and we suddenly begin acting like we are the only ones with a cross to bear. We feel down because our plans are not working out. We feel discouraged because life seems to be like a never ending treadmill. So instead of saying, "No Problem", we move into our own little corner and make the world know that "Hey I have a problem! Get out of my way!".

I am writing this …

Explanation for my absenceBatibot domain cost

Hi, again.

Facebook has really made blogging quite a chore. While blogging used to be the only means aside from email to update friends and relatives, now, it's just a venue for the big media companies to promote and demote.

The small blogger is dying.

Anyway, I have been busy working for one of my clients and this usually entailed writing almost 20 articles a day. That takes up a lot of my time that I take a bath at night now.

Filipino Values

The good news is that the popular Filipino Kids TV show Batibot is going back to the airwaves.

As a dad, I always thought that it would be nice if my kids would just stop acting and talking like Spongebob Squarepants.

Kids shows nowadays are utterly useless save for their value as tools to consume the short attention spans of children. Having 4 kids, I know the value of having kids stuck on the tube for long periods of time. (By the way, I got rid of my TV back in 2006 and I…

Resort Manager Goes to Agrilink 2010