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Insightful Adsense Tips Worth Looking Into

--> James Colin is a guy I met a few years back on a website called He now owns several similarly themed sites including among many other things. I recently talked about him on a semi-feverishly written Goodblogs blog post where I engaged in my little hobby of analyzing website strategy and monetization.

Disclaimer: This blog post should not be intended as a matter of fact post. The opinions here are mere conjectures that may or may not help me in my quest to sustain the income generated by my blog. I am not endorsing anybody or anything for that matter. I am merely writing this for my reference.

James and I had an interesting conversation on Google Plus about how he focuses mainly on websites that rely on user generated content and promotion. He gladly gave me some tidbits and wrote about it twice - once on his blog and the other, on his other site

Danny on Google+

The James Colin Approach
The approach that he mentioned on his post on best-reviewe…


And the 3rd #Winner in the best blog comment contest is

Linda Wensel
Linda recounts a very fascinating story about how she had a friend and how she made a scrapbook of all the pictures of the places that her friend wanted to see. She posted this on my blog post entitled The Gift. I think that your gift is pretty awesome Linda and one that I'm sure your friend will appreciate for a long time :)

Here's a copy of her entry:

"You are heard I had an elderly friend who had many stories to tell, but no one listened. I thought they were wonderful. She told of her days growing up 3000 away in NJ during WWII. She always said she wished she could go back just one more time before she died. A plan was forming in my mind, since I would do anything for her. Every time I went to my car, I wrote down what I could remember and would look up these places she mentioned on the web. I had friends in NJ who loved to take pictures. They photographed all the places mentioned i…

Investing on Your Readers

The Internet is a haven of trust, honesty, candor and truth.

Alright, let that sink in.

Be it on reddit, on a blog, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Plus or what not, we can trust people on the Internet simply because it's the Internet.

Where else would you see people who would promote books, products, themes, belief systems and advocacies wholeheartedly and commit to put everything about themselves online?

"I wrote a book about trust therefore I am trustworthy." False.

But really, nowadays, this is exactly how it looks like:

And The Winner Is....

Dain Binder is the winner in the $10 comment contest in But before I write a whole post about the dude, I would just like to thank all the awesome participants who all gave thought provoking answers to the challenge. Special mention goes to my dearest twitter friend @SusieKline who also participated in the contest. Rob Louie, Peter, Cheryl and Eric's participation are also very much appreciated.

The contest question was this:

"This is going to be a short comment contest 5 days only. I've been blogging for 5 years now and just about to get my very first adsense check in a few weeks. Now, it took me that much time to earn a few dollars. 5 years.... 
I must be doing something wrong right? 
Can you tell me how I can improve my blog revenue and traffic?

Steve Jobs Daughter, Life Compared With Gates

Traffic spikes give me goosebumps and scare the shit out of me. Like, after getting used to a certain level of regular traffic in your blogs, the rush of discovering that somebody mentioned a blog post from way, way back to oblivion and then discovering that you have way more traffic than you can handle is like, "Oh, shit. What did I write wrong this time?" Don't get me wrong though, whoever you are thanks!


Anyway, the offending blog post seems to have been inspired by a piece I wrote about Bill Gates donations back in 2010. The context of which is being compared with the achievements of Steve Jobs now that his life is probably flashing before him. I know I tackled the topic of Steve Jobs daughter before, but don't know how they linked to that particular blog post. Reddit is a strange creature...

So yes, Steve Jobs has a daughter and it would be best if you checked out the wikipedia entryand watched the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

What? You want …

Good Morning Adsense!

The day started with the dark clouds of a typhoon passing on the horizon. The news agencies declared signal number 4 in the Cagayan provinces - which really is an overemphasis on their part because we normally only have up to signal number 3. My prayers go out to those in the Philippines who would be affected by this typhoon. As I write, hurricane "Irene" is also set to traverse the Eastern part of the United States. Stay safe my friends.


I got this in email today and I really can't hold back my joy so I'm blogging about it:

Beyond Adsense

Right now, the only monetization avenues that my blog network is using is Adsense and a few affiliate links from some freelancing websites. See Disclosure Policy

As a blogger, the income that I'm getting from these are honestly not that substantial. I was wondering whether there are other avenues for exploration that would not make my blog appear like a roving billboard.

Sites With Potential on

Browsing over the listings at - a marketplace for buying and selling blogs, websites and such, I intend to find a few gems on the rough to complement my portfolio of slowly growing blogs and websites.

It's not an easy task though the "Refine" feature is quite handy.

Gems in the Rough
1. - Buy it Now Price 25,000

Founded: 2003 Confirmed via Wayback MachineGross Monthly Revenue: ValidClaimed: $1,000 to $1,500 potential of $2,500 to $3,000 a month. According to Hypestats = $11.92 a day According to Cubestat = $29.51 a dayAccording to SiteOutlook = $22.82 a dayTraffic: Claimed: 7,000 UV daily - 200,000 UV monthly - 300,000 PV monthlyAccording to Hypestats = 3,581 UV dailyAccording to Cubestat = 9,836 PV dailyAccording to Site…

Case Study:

This blog entry was inspired by this Asian Institute of Management Case Study penned by Ms. Rhia Ramirez. Click Here to view the complete document. You'll find's history there. Please tell me if the link doesn't work. 
Site Profile: CEO: ? General Manager: Jay Arellano Address: 38th Flr. Discovery Centre 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City 1605. Philippines Administrative Contacts Marketing (+632) 9106418 Advertising(+632) 9106411

Is This Awesome Enough?


I WON!!!!!!!!!

Beep! Beep! Beep!
UPDATE: There are "winning fees" in

I won $100 today in a blog contest!
First of all, thanks to Google acquired for the awesome contest platform. 
Thanks to and for choosing my entry
Thanks to the readers of A blog is useless if you're not here guys and gals!
More importantly, thanks to God for giving me everything that I have.

How I won it?
I tried to align my thoughts with the contest holder's goal. They were promoting their Gadget screen protectors through a blog contest and I admitted firstly that I didn't have any expensive gadgets. So I tried to think of a funny blog post title and everything flowed from there. I'm a very imaginative person so the blog title I came up with was very freaky.

I was set back for almost the same amount yesterday so this was an awesome break for me. One of my writer's experienced problems with the payments I sent through Paypal and her kid…

Social Networking Hooligans

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to London.

As British mainstream media struggle to keep up with the developments in London, social media companies based in the US are waging a different kind of battle on the Internet - that of protecting their services reputation as an instrument for change.

Suffice to say, that the events in London are not exactly what they  had in mind:
"Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh said: "Social media and other methods have been used to organise these levels of greed and criminality."He described some messages posted on social media sites as "really inflammatory, inaccurate" and said police would consider arresting people using Twitter in relation to incitement to violence.BBC.Co.UK
TechCrunch was quick to rebuff the report with its own piece published on the Washington Post. 
How Blackberry, Not Twitter, Fuelled the Fire Under London's Riots. "But while Twitter has largely been the venue of spec…

Why I Love Klout

I used to think that Klout was for twitter eggheads and egomaniacs. People driven by how much people people think of them in terms of numbers.

This changed when someone gave me a +K. :D

Okay, stop.

Before you think that the only reason I'm writing this now is because of that fact, please take a moment to hear my deeper explanation.

[GUEST POST] Managing Commercial Real Estate Projects

There are three main types of commercial real estate: investment, retail, and office.  Which of these you deal with will ultimately determine your exact management style:
Investment -- property considered only as a moneymaking commodity, not used explicitly for any purpose other just ownership.  This is a basic and easily managed type of real estate: in essence, there’s only one participant, the owner.Retail -- space used for shops or stores.  It’s a more complicated and challenging project to manage, as participants include owners and customers using the property for buying and selling, in addition to the owner.Office -- property used primarily for business tenants.  This type of commercial real estate is also a challenging one to manage because, on top of the property’s owner, there is the company and its workers to consider.

How AirBnB Maximizes Social Media

August is going to be AirBnB month as would be focusing on one thing: getting someone to go here and book via AirBnb!
Despite the growing pains that AirBnb has been experiencing, very few have taken notice of how much it uses social media to its advantage. To its credit, AirBnB has the complete retinue:

[Guest Post] A Business Startup Mistake I Will Not Make Again

I was watching “The Social Network” movie a few days ago. It’s like the 3rd or 4th time that I have seen it now and it is still fascinating to me. One reason probably is that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg still have not fully cleared out all the “dead bodies” from the closet. There are still legal issues pending going back to when the Facebook was founded in Harvard. I often look at things from a business perspective and Mark Zuckerberg made a few mistakes that still need to be resolved – 7 years after Facebook was founded.

Dead Hard Disks Go Here

There are times when data recovery would just take too long. For some reason, some of the hard disks sort of fix themselves after a few months in "the drawer". Plug them back in and datas there.