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Win a Honda by Playing a Memory Game on

Image, the most well known free classifieds website in the Philippines is launching an intense marketing drive to enhance your memory through its online contest. Well okay, not really to enhance your memory but to make you want to play the flip n match game again and again.

Mechanics: Here

Previous winners:

"The challenge is to flip and match the identical playing cards before the game time runs out. The more pairs you find, the more raffle entries you will earn which will mean more chances of winning a gadget of your choice this month & a brand new 2012 Honda City on September!"

Personally, I find the game a bit difficult. I dunno, maybe I am getting stupid or old and my memory cells are frying out from all the time spent under the sun, planting ginger...

A technique I use is I say the words for the pictures out loud.

Red car, white car, cellphone, tablet, search, hanap usap deal, TV
Red car, white car, cellphone, tablet, search, hanap usap deal, TV
Red car, white…

Planting Ginger

My wife and eldest decided to join in on the fun :)

Max's Fried Chicken Lipa City, Philippines Aug 18, 2012

I work hard and I also eat hard :) So today, I decided to fulfill my promise to my children to take them out to Max's Restaurant Lipa City, in JP Laurel Highway, Barangay Sabang, just beside SM Lipa when I win another one of those online contests.

I've been a happy father for 10 years now and one thing's for sure, when children grow - they eat more!

All 6 of us fit inside the tricycle, including baby Hannah, thanks to yours truly's careful planning and geometrical proficiency. ;P

I felt a little shy entering the premises since most of the people who go inside - came with cars. Having the tricycle go up the ramp feels a little too provenzano but what the heck I don't have a car sooo - "Mah! Para!"

Max's Lipa City has their own building so medyo dyahe pag naka tricycle ka lang. Pag nasa SM ka - no one could tell the difference if you came in using a tricycle or a Pajero :D

All in all, our experience was "okay". I guess talagang mas masaya nga lang …

Being a Farmer

To be honest, I don't really know if I should call myself a Filipino farmer/magsasaka. I don't know much about the etymology of "magsasaka" but I'm guessing it has to do with working on another person's farm - that, I haven't done. I'm not so sure about the proper definition.

But if the definition of a farmer is someone who plants stuff and harvests them, then in a small sense I am a farmer. In my stay here, I've managed to plant
200 Senorita banana trees - of which only 2 are alive right now...50 gingerDug through the hard ground about 6 feet deep cut a hectare of grass by now.So my next agricultural business experiment would be to plant some Papaya trees and ginger again. 
The price of ginger has dropped precipitously even though whenever typhoon season starts, the prices of vegetables should skyrocket. Some large and new farm must have flooded the market with ginger. It used to be priced above 100 Pesos a kilo and above, but now, it's down to …

Thank You for Helping Me Win This Blogging Contest!

I won 2nd place thanks to you!

Man, I'd like to thank all of you who helped me +1, like, retweet my entries on this amazing contest held by MyBlogGuest. It's been a very rough month for me with 1 grandfather who has cancer, 1 who just had a stroke, 1 death in our real world community and 2 low pressure areas sending an abnormal amount of rain. This really is a welcome reprieve.

To the ever innovative and daring Ann Smarty the founder of MyBlogGuest, I wish you more success on your endeavors. I'm very happy to be a part of the community and I look forward to hosting more guest posts from MyBlogGuest.

Right now, I'm just a little busy with real life farmville work. It's planting season in the Philippines and I will use the funds to plant some more ginger!

Congratulations to all the other winners, namely Donna Chaffins and Naeem Noor! See all winners here:

Most of all, I'd like to thank all those who helped me, specially my Google Plus, Facebook and twitter friend…

Addictive 3D Tank Game Tournament Now Live - 3D Multiplayer Browser Based Tanki

In between breaks from gardening/farming, America's Army 3 and Tanki Online are my most recommended lull from all the dirty and hard work. After all, what could be more fun than driving a tank and shooting the smithereens out of other tanks?

Today, they have a tournament going on and it would be fun to watch. My rank is just Master Corporal, but nevertheless, it's been fun. There are some strategies to help you kill the tougher and higher level tanks, but I'm not really in the mood to write about it for the moment.

Well, okay, here's one. Find a tank battle where a teammate is shooting an enemy.  Count the number of shots your teammate has fired, then shoot the enemy tank when you think he's about to blow.

It's kill stealing but what the heck right?

Another great thing about Tanki online is that there are so many players. You could find cover behind a wall and fire from there while hiding during reload.

Watch live streaming video from worldcuptv at livestream.…

Unveiling the Fed

For decades, the Federal Reserve has existed as a shadowy organization manipulating America’s economy, currency and banking system. Very few Americans understand how the Fed operates or even know about its existence. The recent presidential campaign and Dr. Ron Paul’s campaign’s anti-Fed messages have brought the Federal Reserve into the national spotlight, and has created an infograph to help you easily understand the facts about this veiled organization.

Why was the Fed Reserve created, and what does it do? explains this for you in a bright infograph with facts, figures and colorful drawings. In a few short moments of perusing this infograph, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the benefits and downsides of a federally controlled banking system. You’ll learn about why America stopped using the gold standard and why a return to this monetary policy might reduce unemployment and improve the economy. You can’t afford to not read thi…

Four Different Ways That You Can Make Money Online Nowadays

The internet has changed the way that we look at being employed. Up until a few short years ago, if you wanted to start your own business you were greatly limited to the geographical region that you were in at the time. Sure, it was possible to send items throughout the country, even overseas, but unless you had a virtually limitless advertising budget, you were not going to be able to create brand awareness everywhere.

That has completely changed since the introduction of the Internet. Nowadays it is possible to offer your services to the person living down the street from you, or someone living in Japan. The Internet has taken the world by storm and anyone who knows his or her way around the Internet can benefit from this.  Several jobs allow you to start working from your home, just by using the Internet. Today we look at four different ways that people are making money online and discuss how it might be possible for you to start carving out your own niche.
1.) Freelance writer Th…

Hope Amidst the Storm

I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.' Matthew 25:36

Whilst the strong winds raged, and everybody ran for their own good, one among the many stopped to see the little child, naked in the cold and open.

With no umbrella of her own, she gave the child her own jacket and ran off going to work.

Hope exists. 

The Good Samaritan on EDSA

Textbooks Should be Free

Textbooks should be free and education should be truly universal. 

We live in an age of heightened awareness, in an age of supposed efficiency bereft of the hindrances of our physical limitations. Now many of those limitations have been surpassed - we no longer need to print textbooks on paper, but we still do. This supposedly is part and parcel of an economic model built on top of an educational system that should be freeing people from the barriers of poverty.

Yet information - real, life changing, useful, educational and specialized information has proven to be more expensive in the age of copyright and intellectual property.

Yes, we live in the much touted Age of Information, yet we are inundated with throngs upon throngs of garbage.

Instead of educating our children through the wondrous medium of television and cable networks, we immerse them with Spongebob Squarepants' antics.

The Supposed Solution

Is already within our grasp.

The medium is already available, yet we still clin…

The Wrath of Nature

The winds from the West howl and travel with the gait of a furious element while bending countless trees with its tireless fury. With waves of belligerent animosity, she shows that she has the power to reign supreme over all land dwellers. With her might, she throws water with a fury of ten thousand men, raining it down on the arrogance of humanity.

She makes the walls of waves rise and throws man's precarious wastes back at him and on his roadways - reminding him that his ineptitude has its price.

You reap what you sow, humanity.

Garbage. The discarded refuse of man's continuous desire to consume. The long ignored problem that has all of the many solutions yet none of the action - pile up in tons every second of every day. It is unfortunate that it has also becoming man's indelible mark on the planet.