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Selling: House and Farm and Looking for a Job in NZ or AU

After more than 5 years of weeding, gardening, writing and farming, we have finally decided to let go of our house and farm property (See OLX). It was a moment of epiphany and of clarity. We gave it our 200%, attained our goals and have come to realize our dreams.

All good things must come to an end.

"Le temps d'aller"
"It's time to go." 
Maraming salamat po! 
To all our friends, visitors, helpx volunteers, relatives and the people who have come into our lives, from the bottom of our hearts - thank you very much! 
We would still be staying here and continuing what needs to be done until such time that we can relinquish our role and find someone who would continue our work here. 
For the meantime, I'd just like to put it out in the open that I am searching for job opportunities in agriculture, gardening, publishing or IT in New Zealand or Australia. (But personally I'd like to discover and explore Frodo's world!

For brokers: we are open to licen…

Pictures of the Garden June-July 2014


Ginger Discount for 72 hours

Somehow I still can't understand why you have to pay monthly for a grammar checking software. Why not just buy old school bundled box software for a single price? Anyway, every writer should have some sort of software to lessen editorial work. If ginger floats your boat, then go ahead and dive. Everyone's a winner when upgrading to Premium…Now 60% off! Join the World Cup conversation with unlimited corrections and exciting premium features:
Sentence Rephraser - Advanced paraphrasing at your fingertips! Offers you enhanced, alternative phrasing of your original text.Personal Trainer - Builds customized practice sessions with exercises based on mistakes in your own writing.Text Reader - Reads your text back to you to help improve your pronunciation.​

IZEA Announcement

Dear Friends,For the past two years we have been working diligently on the new
. Our goal has been to unify the functionality of our existing platforms and create a social sponsorship ecosystem designed to bring more value to our creators and advertisers. I am pleased to announce that we are ready to begin sunsetting these legacy platforms starting today. If you are currently using SocialSpark, Sponsored Tweets, PayPerPost, IZEA Media, FanAds, Pinable Ads, Featured Users, or Staree this transition will affect you.
By the end of September of this year all opportunities will flow exclusively through
 and our IZEA Exchange Network Partners. If you would like to continue to monetize your social connections or run campaigns you must sign up at .
Thank you for all your support over the years. We look forward to building this ecoystem with you as this space continues to evolve.
Ted MurphyFounder/CEOIZEA, Inc06/05/14 The cash out fee will be remov…

How Long Will 'Yo' the App Last and Where to Find People to Yo

Longer than you think.

Picture yourself sitting on a barstool after work. Yo. You look at your phone and then see that it's GIRLINAREDDRESS. You look around and then you see her, smiling at you. Yo. It's that simple.

It's a pretty fun App once people start to Yo you - en masse. The thing is, there's really no way - yet - to find people in Yo unless you invite your friends on social networks.

"Yeah grandma on fb, ok hahaha. You Yo'd me. Haha, you Yo'd me again. Chuckles. And again. Ok, it's no longer funny. Block."

Not much luck Yo'ing my fb friends. So I decided to go to twitter. Now how do you find people who would willingly want to be Yo'd by you. Tada!

Why is Facebook Down?

As of 4:17 AM New York time, but yeah I don't live there. Facebook is down. Mark Zuckerberg had the following statement.

"Whoever creates the first meme about this, will get unfriended!!!!"
- not really Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is set to release a statement. Maybe. No. Not really. They got the meme up before I did.

Sources from twitter, which are unverifiable and of course, unofficially condescending and crass had the following nonsense statement to say:

Lifebit: An App That Promises to "Enhance my Happiness"

After receiving a few dozen calls from Globe Telecoms about how good of a subscriber I am and about how much they want to give me a free phone, I finally reneged. I grudgingly got a plan P499, the lowest and got a LG Optimus smart phone thing. It was my first. Hey, I liked my no frills button mashing black and white screen cellphone. Bye bye to that though and hello NSA.

I can't believe those telesales calls worked on me.

I never really got around to reading up on what apps to install so I stuck with the basics. Instagram and twitter.

As I was exploring the things that could preoccupy my now beginning mobile life, I saw an app called Lifebit. The premise sounded cool,

"Share Life and Smile"
Ok cool, cool. What made me want to install the app though was this.

"Lifebit is a social network around doing positive activities in the real world. It's a big list of community created quests based on passion such as Food, Books, Philanthropy, Traveling, having fun etc."

Karne Ka Ba? Overhaul Philippine Transportation Sector

"Filipino commuting makes you feel like you're a slab of meat being delivered from Point A to Point B."

Dear Foreigner in the Philippines,

Chances are you commute most of the time. You might have ridden a taxi, a bus, a jeepney or a tricycle. During your first time, it must have been cute. Culture!

But then as time wore on, the experience just became very unpleasant. 

If you've ever been screwed or overpriced by Filipino transportation, please do allow me to apologize in behalf of my countrymen. Filipinos are generally honest and trustworthy. 

Kind Regards,

A Filipino 

The year is 2014. As a Filipino child who grew up in the 80s to 90s, I've long dreamed of the year 2000 as the year when cars could fly and there's no traffic. I've dreamed that going from one place to another would be a pleasant experience filled with wonderful sights and views. Whether you have a car or are commuting, I thought back then that life as a traveler would be better.

I was wrong.