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I want to try Kubuntu's dad (or mom?) - Debian. I remember that this was the first Linux that I tried to install on my computer. I tried to install it then inside Windows Xp - I thought that I can download it then install using an installer which is sooooo Windows.

Frankly, I can't understand it. I then found Ubuntu afterwards.

The rest is history.

Now I am having problems installing Debian since I don't know how to configure my internet connection in the installer.

It is saying something about DHCP. I am not familiar with DHCP, when I connected in Windows I just typed in my username and password to connect using PPPOE.

In Kubuntu and Knoppix - I am using Knoppix now. I do a "sudo pppoeconf" and then input the user name and the password.

But with Debian, it is strange. I do the netinst installation type so that I could just install via the Internet. Thats when the DHCP problem arises. It says

DHCP Autoconfiguration Failed

This is OK though since it said that it is OK.


Geubuntu 7.10 - What I Did and What I Wasn't Able to Do

I'm posting this blog post using Geubuntu 7.10. I'm sleepy. So I'll just make a list.

What I was able to do:

1. Play MP3 instantly - without twiddling with Automatix2
2. Connect to the internet
3. Change my theme
4. Change my wallpaper - See below too
5. Browse

What I cannot do:

1. Do a CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY when typing - weird huh?
2. Change my wallpaper in 5 seconds
3. Figure out why I have two panels and which one is which
4. De-confuse myself on which mouse button to use - they do the same thing - which is show more menus - of absolutely the same things
5. Switch from 1 window to another using Alt-Tab
6. Can't get Tremulous to run - OMG! Nvidia thing does not work - not on CLI not on envy
7. Did I say that I can't do a CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY to select words I do not like?
8. Ask for help in the forums since:
a. In Geubuntu they said:

Every problem Ubuntu related or Enlightenment related does not belong directly to Geubuntu, therefore, support will be very limited in this cases.…

The Philippines First Multimedia Company

What happened to the Philippines first multimedia company? Like some companies it met its untimely end. It's life cut short by its prematurity - In an age when the Internet was yet to blossom to the glory that it is now. It was an idea, a vision whose time has not yet come.

Though many might dispute the title of "Philippines First Multimedia Company", for me, it would always be the first. I know, because I was its son. If you would check this list, you would notice that it is not listed there. I'll add "Add data to that historical-list" to my to do list then.

It all started with my father Atty. Reynaldo C. Garcia, he envisioned spreading information through the non-traditional and non-print manner. Always loquacious, he imagined a way to spread what he wanted to say to the world through a new medium - digitally. This may sound passe to most of us nowadays in the age of Web 2.0 and millions of community generated content. But, remember, in the mid to late 90&…

Redecorating My Blog

Okay I'm going to redecorate my blog to suit my aesthetic taste and hopefully yours too.

First things first: I'm going to make a list of things to do and how to do them again should the need arise.

Teh List:

1. Use the Minima template in Blogger to maximize customization.

2. Turn the template into 3 columns for maximum content.

**Resource: TFNB

3. Add Recent Comment Widget

**Resource: TFNB

4. Add Statcounter Java Script for Web site Performance

5. Add Google Web Search Feature

6. Add Shoutmix

7. Add Digg Linux News

6. Add Adsense

I am a Linux 1 Year Old Now

It's Christmas tomorrow and I have been using Linux - Kubuntu on and off for about a year now.

So, what do I think about Linux - Kubuntu?

It's getting there - fast. There are some things though that keep me going back to Windows Xp. My very wide collection of Windows software!

I run a Pentium 3 PC sooo, a lot of things limit me from using Kubuntu.

I have a wonderful family that likes Windows Xp.

My wife loves Windows Xp for its ease of use and she severely abhors the Kubuntu terminal-Konsole. Though I think the terminal is really cool - makes my PC look 1337. It scares the heck out of my wife and kids.

My 4 year old daughter wants to play Dora the Explorer... Unfortunately this runs on Windows.

And those insane PopCap games are just so insanely addictive.

I remember my first PC. The monitor was black and white. There were only text to speak of. My first game was Command and Conquer - the first one we bought here that was not pirated.

I remember my dad asking me to install a hundred or …

Visionaries III - The Race to "Greater Virtual Reality"

"Greater Virtual Reality" - You heard it here from me first, yes, as of 12/12/2007 14:06 pm (GMT +8:00) I coined that term.

Anyway, what is it? Simple. It's about the first not being the best. The idea of "Virtual Reality" or computer simulated worlds has been around since what? 1970's?

Wikipedia article:

The term artificial reality, coined by Myron Krueger, has been in use since the 1970s but the origin of the term virtual reality is uncertain. It has been credited to The Judas Mandala, a 1982science fiction novel by Damien Broderick, where the context of use is somewhat different from that defined above. The earliest use cited by the Oxford English Dictionary is in a 1987 article entitled "Virtual reality",[1] but the article is not about VR technology. The VR developer Jaron Lanier claims that he coined the term.[2]
We've seen the idea being thrown here and there, applied to this game to that movie, ad infinitum. So what? Picture this.


I ran MS Office 2003 Under Wine too...

A lot of people seem to land on this page quite often. I am sorry but this content is already outdated and might make your computer explode. Please head on over to the following alternatives: wine-review

Without further ado the steps to installing MS Office in Linux:Kubuntu using Wine.

I got it to work on my Kubuntu 7.04. Pentium 3 650 Mhz PC with 256 MB RAM. Ya, you heard it right. Pentium 3.

UPDATE 1: I also got it to work on my Debian Etch machine, same hardware, albeit with some bugs.

UPDATE 2: Tom Wickline, the original author of this wine configuration, recently updated this guide and can be found here. He suggests that the newer configuration be followed for wine At the time of this writing, Tom says that the version has been depreciated and it is necessary to follow the new steps.

Thanks to WineReview.

STEP I. Installing Wine

1. Make sure that you install this version of Wine -