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Ron Paul Campaign for US President 2012

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500 Startups Livestream Now

Starring: Robert Scoble Fred Wilson Dave McClure

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Hate New Facebook? Try Diaspora

Or of course, Google Plus.

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Seriously, I'm tired of receiving all these emails about a yet to exist social network. But in the spirit of fair bloggerism, here's a copy of their email and a directory of existing pods:

Dear Friend of Diaspora* -

Thanks again for your interest in joining the Diaspora* community, and for your patience. We’re working on getting your invite out to you as quickly as possible, and we’re still committed to getting it to you by the end of October. We’re pushing out hundreds of thousands of invitations as quickly as we can -- thanks for bearing with us.

As promised in our previous message, we want to tell you a little more about why we believe so strongly in Diaspora*'s mission: to build a new and better social web, one that's 100% owned and controlled by you and other Diasporans.

Diaspora*'s distributed design is a huge part of it. Like the Internet itself, Diaspora* isn't housed in any one place, and it's not controlled …

PR Useless? And Close Enough

Why You May Want To Read This
If you are like me and have no clue about website flipping If you want to join me in not knowing anything about website flipping :)Is Page Rank useless? A few weeks ago, I tried analyzing one particular website auction taking place on Flippa. I guesstimated that the price for that site ( would fetch about $4,000 to $6,000 USD.

I was wrong by $2000.

It sold for $8,000.

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Why Observe This Particular Site?

To see how it progresses and to see what happens. This could prepare me to make informed decisions regarding future purchases. I intend to analyze other websites to also see their performances later on. 
Now that is sold, I'm going to observe any changes that could happen to it as the new owner refurbishes it.

Note: gets regularly linked to by a website called which is basically a news aggregate of sorts or a glorified link farm - depending on your perspective. If indeed uneas…

Contest Winners for Contest 2 and 3

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Without further ado, the contest winners:

Money = Happiness? - Winner: Hope FosterDo You Need 5 Bucks? - Winner: MongThungIT

Contest 4

Image Boosts Traffic Big Time - Your Next Marketing and Promotions Platform

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You need to read this if

you are a webmaster or a blogger and are looking for a new and very cheap way to increase traffic for your have a service oriented website (graphic design, content services, seo, logos, etc.) and are looking for zero cost advertisement. 
The cat is out of the bag. Traffic to my own network of blogs has increased significantly (3 figure percentages) based solely on my participation on as a contestant and as a contest holder.
Sections: I. How to increase traffic and clients using as a contestant and make money as well. II. How to increase traffic and clients using as a contest-holder. BONUS: How to install the widget
Disclosure:  1. Google owns (Mashable). Knowing Google, there are reasons why it makes its acquisitions. 2. If you join and then win a contest by clicking here: (Affiliate), it will be your way of thanking me for divulging my current and only marketing strategy a…

Voting on the Internet

Secure and feasible voting on the Internet is still lagging in terms of security and viability.

Why This Matters To You
if you participate in online voting platforms which involve moneyif you are holding a contest where the participants vote for the winner
Sometimes, with the prodding of marketing necessity or even political expediency and agenda, voting on the Internet has been downgraded to the status of a poll. In this regard, it can be considered to be less authoritative and one loosely conducted with a minimal consideration for accuracy.

Though I'm not personally a network security expert, there are a lot of resources and news reports on the Internet concerning the matter of security in online voting. The existence of political interest groups which have the capability to subvert any network security system also compounds the matter.

Is Online Voting Safe? - WiredInternet Voting Arrives... Is it secret and secure? - FoxNewsInternet Voting in Florida Raises Security Conce…

NYTimes: Niche Blogs Are In

It's official, the impending fall of, heralds the golden age of niche blogs and websites.
"AOL’s acquisition of TechCrunch last year for a reported $30 million was an acknowledgement that scale, once the grail of the Web, can be a disadvantage when it comes to attracting the kind of audiences advertisers want." (NYTimes) Indeed, though these large sites still command a hefty readership, much of that traffic may not be converting because of the divergence of interests. People who go to any of the major news portals such as, Wall Street Journal and NYTimes, most likely go there not to find information about a particular product or to focus on a particular interest - but to consume news.

Here's more:
"Like newspapers, portals like AOL and Yahoo are confronting the cold fact that there is less general interest in general interest news. Readers have peeled off into verticals of information — TMZ for gossip, Politico for politics and Deadspin for spor…


Update: I've compiled a list of the best resources for today.

From a Nearby Resident
I'm not American and I don't even live in the United States but I can remember finding out about the attacks from my old lady landlord back when I was still a student in Baguio City in the Philippines.

She knocked at my door and I opened it. With her wrinkled and wide eyes she alarmingly told me
"They bombed the twin towers." 

Being the half crazy old lady that I thought she was, I dismissed the news since I really needed to get to school on time. I didn't have a TV then and didn't even know where the twin towers were, I ignorantly said, "These terrorists do this all the time." 

Her eyes grew wider, "They do?!!"

I rushed out and excused myself before the conversation made me late for my university class. It was there that I would find out what the twin towers were, where it was and how many people lost their lives.

It was crazy.

It would be the topic o…

Diaspora Social Network Coming Soon

"Better Late or Never" or "Too Little Too Late" - choose your own title. The magical startup that was able to raise $200,000 for their social networking startup via crowdfunding site Kickstarter, recently announced that invitations were coming soon. The much publicized "facebook killer, may have launched too late with the entry of search giant Google in the social networking sphere. But who knows? Perhaps, there may still be room left for another social network.

Here's a copy of the official announcement:

Dear Friend of Diaspora* -

Thanks for your interest in being part of the Diaspora* community. You may not have heard from us in a while, but we’ve been working hard, head-down. We’ve built the first stage of a new social web, one better than what’s out there today: a place where each of us owns our own information, where each person controls his or her own privacy, where no-one is a product, and where we all control our own destinies.

We’re sending out …

$5 Contest - 1st Week of Sept

By Danny on Google+

$5 Dollar goes to the one who can provide the most despairing entry on the question of - would you die for love? To join click on the link. By the way, a lot of the entries are invalid simply because they didn't follow the instructions. Verification
I recently got awarded $10 just for verifying my account on Though not necessarily fool proof, it keeps spammers at bay and helps keep the contest healthy. is google owned. May the best entry win.

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CA AZ Power Failure Stirs Social Media - 1 Million Affected

A lot of my social media friends on Google + are reaching out to others who may have been affected by the power failure that affected over 1 million homes in Southern California and Arizona. Apparently a major transmission line "went down" and that power wouldn't be restored until tomorrow.

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Live Updates:

Map of Power Outage

Stay safe people :)

Further Developments: 

Power failure causes major traffic jams and has now also affected Mexico. (CNN)

Basic Adsense Webinar Notes

Well, I just finished attending my first basic Adsense webinar from Google. Most of the things that were discussed was about Google Adsense Policies and improving the user experience on the site. It took about less than 30 minutes and the presenter was a little bit nervous, quite probably more nervous than me.

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I actually took a lot of screenshots of the webinar itself but I just saw that the information there was confidential and proprietary.

So I'll just post my notes along with the Q and A portion as promised. Most of these are directly quoted as fast as I could type and I just corrected some for grammatical errors.

Three Birds with One Treadmill

So, everybody's going like "we're doomed, we're doomed" nowadays, including me of course. Nah, not really,  I'm a tough nut to crack. Yahoo's for sale, Steve Jobs is well, let's leave the dude alone... Arrington just got fired, credit crisis, fires, storms, unemployment, obesity, riots...

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So I thought of a silly idea to solve one of these problems. Actually three of these problems:

Eh, whaddaya think?

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Wanted: CEO of Yahoo and Reddit

I was about to write something sad and depressing, but then suddenly changed my mind when I saw this tweet:

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Do you like those home TV shopping network commercials?

But wait! There's More!

Reddit Also Needs a CEO
Oh, yeah did I mention that reddit, Inc. was also looking for a CEO? Ok then, I am saying it again.

Please submit your CV with the following information:

"Picture of you giving a powerpoint presentation with a shoe on your head" There's already one candidate:

And another:

I reserve all comments until further notice....

Great Dads: Million Pixel Mosaic by Randy Gregory

During these tough times, one can't help but admire the tenacity and drive of those like Randy Gregory, a web developer and father who has fashioned a website that paints a picture of hope through mosaics.

But that's not all, Gregory decided to take the next step and not only create just a mosaic, but also sell it's pixels in 10x10 blocks.

In a nutshell, this is the 2.0 version of Alex Tew's Business Model in the million dollar homepage. This is the next evolution of this generation's million dollar website. 

Enter theMillion Pixel Mosaic

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But the novelty of the idea doesn't end there. Randy provides a triumphant back story based on the background of an economic recession where most people would complain, blame the government, politics or circumstances.

Instead, Randy innovated 

Note: Though he has an excellent affiliate program that you may want to join - I just decided that I wanted to support someone who was brave enough to tackle problems with …

Off With the Tech CEOs' Head!

Off with their heads!

Carol Bartz, CEO of Fired by Phone. I wonder where's Jerry Yang now, maybe he could pull a Steve Jobs on Yahoo ala Return of the Jedi. Let's call it the Return of the Chief Executive Yahoo. Apparently, this Forbes guy disagrees. Sept. 7, 2011.

Michael Arrington, booted off company he founded. I really don't understand American business... The drama ensues with some saying TechCrunch is practically doomed. Sept. 2, 2011

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Steve Jobs, resigns from Apple, Inc. due to health concerns. Cryogenic preservation anyone? Aug. 24, 2011

Eric Schmidt, goes out as CEO of Facebook must have scared the bejeezus out of Larry. Jan. 21, 2011.

Kevin Rose, resigns from March 18, 2011.


Reddit's Organizational Shift

Reddit announces that it would be moving around the organizational ladder and taking on the identity of reddit, Inc. The fast growing social media community previously acquired by Conde Nast, is now owned by Advanced Publications, which to me, doesn't really make that much sense because Advanced Publications also owns Conde Nast. Go figure.

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As confusing as it may sound, the group iterated that this would mean more "operational freedom" for them.

Reddit is also looking for a new CEO. Requirements: Post a picture of yourself hold a shoe on top of your head while giving a Powerpoint presentation.

I'm a new member of Reddit and I've seen that it's really on its way up both in terms of traffic and in terms of membership. They're now claiming to have 700,000 page views every 15 minutes.

Recent Controversies
Like any other Internet company which is based on a community, reddit has had its own fair share of controversy. One of this is the allegatio…

Free Adsense Webinar Invitation

You need this, I need this. There's nothing like the real thing when it comes to these free and official webinars.

As much as possible, we want to get to the original source of information and that's why these free adsense webinars from Google remain an invaluable resource and a much appreciated solution for small bloggers like me.

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The last time I attended any of these online business related webinars, it was conducted by Jay Berkowitz a well known and well connected Internet Marketer from Canada. His collection of FREE internet marketing podcasts (50 episodes in all) remain an invaluable resource for beginning and intermediate marketers who'd like to get a feel for the online business environment
The man is really accommodating and still holds free and regular Internet marketing webinars which you could find on their company website. (See:Ten Golden Rules
What Should I Ask the Google Adsense Team?
The webinar invite that I got from Google Adsense offer…

NetworkedBlogs Premium Upgrade

It's time to take this blog to the next level by subscribing to the Premium listing service of NetworkedBlogs. I haven't used it before but I've been seeing a lot of bloggers use it lately so we'll see how this baby will fly. Networkedblogs' tag line was straightforward enough to merit my attention as it specifically targets over a million blog readers from Facebook. Though I'm increasingly becoming a Google+ addict, Facebook is still very much the Alpha of social networking with over 750 Million users.

I'm looking forward to meeting all you awesome NetworkedBlogs people and learning from you guys. I hope that you'll find something useful from me too.

By the way, did you know: that there's a blog service out there in the wild which charges $9.97 a month so that they'll provide you with something to write about on your blog?


Tell me what you think, would you buy into that? (I'm not an affiliate of this, just checking)

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Do You Talk to Google?

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Google knows what you want and what you don't want.   

Nightsky Theme Fix for Blank Space - Free Blogspot Themes

I suppose that one of the things that are driving droves of blogger bloggers away from blogspot is the perception that there aren't many good themes when compared to Wordpress. I admit it but that's only half true. There are many free awesome themes for blogspot but the problem is not really the themes, but the things that you can do with it.

The widgets, php and other fancy scripts that make your audience go wow simply break when you add them to a theme that somebody else has made. Moreover, the picture elements for such free themes may disappear if the image hosting provider of the theme maker exceeds its bandwidth.

For instance, one of the things that I am seriously envious about from Wordpress bloggers is the Top Post Scrolling widget which scrolls an uber big and gorgeous picture right at the top of the blog. We don't have that in blogger and the theme makers who are attempting to make these have to make do with workarounds.