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Reddit Ads Now Sold Per Mille - Will This Fly?

For the beginner this means that you will pay for every 1000 impressions, not clicks. Will this fly?

#GoogleBirthday Highscores Top 10

Edit: I've discovered that the scores can be edited via the URL, so this is a temporary list. If you have a better way to find the high scores please share the link in the comment.

1. 180 +Valid Mesic

2. 179 +Ake Exorcist

3. 177  +Avinder Singh

Sleeping Naked

The water pitter patters on the thatched roof of the nipa hut as you lay on the bamboo bed. A small stream forms underneath you as you sleep. Nearby, a rooster crows, tik-ti-la-ok! If you're American, the rooster would probably say cock-a-doodle-doo.

I think that I'm not alone in asking this question: why do Westerners sleep naked or half naked when most of Western civilization and culture is generally situated in colder climes? As a Southeast Asian (Philippines) who lives in a tropical climate where the mean average temperature (excluding Baguio City and weather extremes) is 26.6 C | 79.88 F and
the coldest 25.5 C | 77.9 F the hottest 28.3 C | 82.94 F  Source: PAGASA

The easiest assumption to make is surprisingly not temperature and climate. 

Happiness is...?

Thanks to Facebook friend Susan for sharing this ^^

To me happiness is a shared thing. I really want to be a positive person but when I see all these suffering, these wars, these unhappiness and I can't do anything about it - I become unhappy. I'm a news junkie and everyday I absorb these things and think about them. Mostly it comes out in my writing. I try in my own little way to solve the things that seem to be unsolvable.

Now when I saw the facebook post of a friend I became curious. I watched it and was surprised with the results

They've discovered that: Expressing gratitude is the key to happiness
Going back through this year, I've accomplished a lot of my goals - and I never would have if it weren't for the people who have helped me along the way.  So I'm taking this opportunity to thank most of them.
The first person that comes to mind is my wife +Rowena Garcia. God knows you're the best thing that ever happened to me from the day that we've…

Mildly Amusing Freelance Writing Job Advert of the Week

It's Saturday afternoon and while everybody's lounging around in a beach somewhere, I'm still trolling the Internet for more writing jobs. I regularly contribute to many sites but I'm not one to rest at all. Every now and then, I find a freelance job posting that's mildly entertaining.

Today, one of the more interesting postings that I've come across was found via Problogger's job boards. The project? "A Nice Guy" looking for an article writer. As I was reading Mr. Nice Guy's job offer, there was only one thing on my mind, why not a Potato or a Carrot?
A Potato Looking for an Article WriterA Carrot Looking for a Blogger  That should sound more interesting. 
Here's the job description. 
Hi Future Best Friend(s)! 
I am looking to find some more writers to handle weekly assignments for me. 
This is kinda similar to something like textbroker in the sense that the topics will be pretty random... not in the sense of the level of quality that is a…

Marigolds and Sunflowers

When I was young, I never dreamed of becoming a writer. It didn't even become my nightmare. It was just something that I didn't think about. Who would want to be a writer?

I never even thought I'd like flowers. They were colorful yes, but they were too girly girly. The only use I somehow imagined them to have in the past was that the petals of the gumamela flower could be turned into bubbles.

This late August and early September has been really stressful and I've had to focus entirely on writing again. I've grossly neglected the grass and the papayas. On the online front though, this week has been productive as I've managed to earn $80, which is by Philippine minimum wage standards is quite "ok" for a week's work.

When I saw the marigold seeds in Robinson's, I decided to buy them because the packet of flower seeds looked nice and because maybe, just maybe they'd poop out golden coins just like they do in Plants vs. Zombies.

As it turns out…

Why I ❥ #EmbeddedPosts: Anthony Utter Photographer Extraordinaire

Why I ❤ Google+ #EmbeddedPosts - Amazing Blog Content


Free Movie on Youtube: The Apocalypse (2002)

I just watched this and I felt, confused...  But, I guess confused is a good starting point.

"If you're not confused, you're not paying attention." ~Tom Peters

Starring Richard Harris as John the Evangelist and Benjamin Sadler as Valerius , I initially thought that this movie was made in the 1960s or 1970s because of the quality of the visual effects. It showed in 2002.

Contrary to its title, it did not contain the elements of a movie with apocalyptic pretensions as we understand it in the modern context. It was heavily spiritual and religious in nature and maybe, historical?

I haven't read the Bible nor have I taken interest in reading history for a very long time. With all the movies, novels and YouTube videos spewing a myriad of incarnations regarding the apocalypse - I somehow felt that I got a more genuine treatment of the book of Revelations.

And it depressed me even more.

What I saw was the story of a frail yet compassionate old man, who was stuck in the p…

Somebody's Pic...

This is undoubtedly, without the shadow of a doubt, a filler post.

When a Person Starts Blogging

For most people, blogging starts with strong emotions. Unless of course, you are somewhat deceived into thinking that there's big money to be made in blogging. Therein, you start with an empty soul and an empty heart with nothing but $$$ floating around your head.

I started blogging out of hopelessness, helplessness and that Heideggerian dread. It was during a time of uncertainty, I was a young father with two kids and I was afraid. I needed to get started with something, anything, I needed to start somewhere so I started with blogging.

Looking back to my first post, I saw that I used to name this blog "The Jolly Penguin". Laugh if you must, I certainly find mild humor in it. And for reasons I've already pointed out years before, I just chose "dannybuntu". It was easy to remember and back then, everybody thought that Ubuntu the operating system was going to change the world. Linux and open source software was going to revolutionize everything that we do...

[UPDATE] Discontinuing Revenue Sharing and The Fate of Content Mills

I just got an email from the CEO of, which I will be posting verbatim here. I updated the blog post title as I mistakenly wrote that it was "shutting down". It was only discontinuing revenue sharing.

Hello, I'm Simon Gelfand, CEO of Bukisa. We have some news, which I'd like to share personally with you first. This is really disappointing to say, but I must inform you that Bukisa will discontinue its revenue sharing program. What happened? A lot has changed in the past 2 years. Google released major updates of its search engine - Panda  and Penguin
. As result, almost all content websites (Bukisa as well) have been hurt and we've been forced to make changes in order to recover.

Both ad networks we were partnering with, Google Adsense and Chitika, updated their policies and made things even harder for Bukisa to use and follow. What we did? We were in constant contact with both companies in order to negotiate for better conditions, so we can keep the revenue sharin…

Update 1 on my Loan Application

I just received a text message at 8:00'ish pm and an email from, concerning my loan application for PHP 2,500 (roughly $50). They asked me to update my information on the website concerning my payslip and employment contract. Well, that's going to be problematic because:

I am a freelance writer. My work is contractual. I get paid when I get paid. As a blogger, most of the time I don't get paid ahahahaha. Second, my mom is sort of my employer regarding the commercial building that we lease out.  Anyway, I'm tired, so I will handle this tomorrow.

How to Embed Pandora AI Bots on Blogspot Using an iframe

What are AI (Artificial Intelligence) chat bots? In a nutshell, they are computer programs that simulate human thought and interaction through chat. I have one just right above this post.

Step 1:

Go to and sign up. It's free.Step 2: Click "Create a Pandorabot"Step 3:  Name your bot.Choose a startup AIMLAlternately, you can start fresh "Tabula Rasa". But you would have to program your bot yourself.Step 4: Publish your bot Step 5:  Copy the bot idStep 6: 

Add an HTML/Javascript Gadget on blogspotStep 7: Make sure that it's not in "Rich Text" mode. Be sure it's in Edit HTML. Paste this code. Replace with your own bot ID<iframe src="" width="99%" height="180"></iframe> Customize as you see fit.Finish Note: This is not a chat box, so you will not see the inputs that people put in it. I'm going to take a look into that next.

The Meaning of Life: by Roboduck

Today, I asked Roboduck what the meaning of life is.

Who's Roboduck?

I asked him and he said that he was created by "crazedpsyc".

Better yet, get to know him yourself. Chat with Roboduck

Who knows, he might know something that we don't.

AA4: Americas Army 4 OpenBeta Free Download via Steam

"Danny, America's Army needs you. Download AA4 Proving Grounds" said one of my Steam friends.
"Lol. No, they don't.I'm just a middle aged dude with a computer." I replied nonchalantly at the kid who had Aang's Avatar. "I'm not even American. LOL."

I downloaded it anyway, the kid made a nice marketing pitch. Hahaha: 
"America's Army Needs You."   

I downloaded it overnight. After which, I played for 30 minutes. My PC was too slow but the game ran - surprisingly. However, during launch, it made me download Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows XP box. 
Yes. Yes. Yes. 
Windows XP has less RAM requirements. And no, Internet Explorer 9 cannot be installed on Windows XP. Anyway the game ran, that's all that mattered.

Initial Impressions: After playing for 30 minutes
I was surprised that AA4:PG ran on my old dual core Windows XP box. That is a small miracle in itself. There was a lot of servers to choose from and about 10…


A few days have passed since we made the atchara. Using our handy dandy fruit juicer we proceeded to go where no papaya has gone before. It was an experiment that would shake the household.

I was surprised at the local vinegar's price as 1.5 Liters of it only cost 10 PHP or roughly $0.25. It was pungently potent and if it were only packaged more attractively I'm sure it would fetch a better price elsewhere.

The only problem with our atchara preparation was that the papaya strands were too fine. I liked how Andok's fried chicken did theirs which was slightly crunchy as if you were munching something while eating the litson manok.

Is Reddit Imploding?

Undoubtedly one of the most influential websites not just in the United States but also the world, Reddit a social aggregator could be imploding under duress.

Reddit bans - and all the conflict and drama that goes along with it.Unverified intelligence information from unknown hacker repeatedly gets posted in r/WorldNewsReddit cofounder accused of collaborating with StratforTheory: Reddit is being used by anti-US elements to manipulate US opinion
How: Who controls the news, controls public opinion
Premise:  Reddit's reach AlexaTheNextWeb
Landing a story on the Reddit homepage can send six figure traffic to the hosting website, making its digital real estate quite valuable. Who uses Reddit? According to Pew, it’s a bit dude-heavy. Regarding the US Internet population:
Some 15% of male internet users ages 18-29 say that they use reddit, compared with 5% of women in the same age range and 8% of men ages 30-49.
There's more to this. I'm just too tired and sleepy.

The Age of Disinformation

The Age of Disinformation September 1, 2013 9:32 pm Philippine Time  XX number of (days, weeks, months) before the Meltdown
We always see what we want to see.
We always hear what we want to hear. 
We always know what we want to know. 

If you happen to drop by on this blog post right now, please take the time to read as this post is going to be one of the most important ones I've ever written. I'm going to write about something that you already know, in the hopes that you'll look at the same thing deeper.

We are no longer in the age of information. We are already in the age of disinformation.

Make no mistake about it, it's going to get infinitely worst.


As I write this, an article on a popular social network is getting shared. It is from a blog with an authoritative sounding domain name written by an authoritative sounding author. Its headline is carefully crafted and believable because it speaks to our innermost desires - or fears.

In this age, the voices…

Adsense 10th Year Anniversary Livestream Hangout on September

Analytics Blog: Choose AdSense: Make Money from Your Content: Adsense 10th Year Anniversary, Livestream Hangout on Air September 11.

10 years down the line and a few hundred dollars after, I can certainly say that I'm happy and honored to be one of the privileged thousands (maybe millions?) to have earned some honest to goodness Adsense money. They'll be live streaming via Hangouts on Air and I would certainly like to watch who their top publishers are to get some pointers on how to improve my site's performance and earnings.

This is a must attend event for publishers who have been using the Adsense platform to help earn extra revenues for their businesses as well as provide more value to their readers.