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HowTo: Speed Up Linux in Two Easy Steps

You might want to read this first before you do this.
Open this file using a text editor in super user mode

#sudo [insert text editor name] /etc/sysctl.conf

Append or write at the end of the document this:


HowTo: Install Tremulous Backport in Linux

RAR!!! AS3!! AS3!! Take down those teslas and replace them with turrets! OMG! Noobs! Don't decon the RC. Aw, FFS. We've been deconned. GG?

It's okay for you not to understand the ramblings of a tremulous player.

Unarguably the BEST Open Source First Person Shooter with elements of RTS in the whole galaxy.

Now, enough of that and on to the beef of this post. These are the steps to INSTALLING the TREMULOUS.TJW BACKPORT in any Debian based Linux box. That means you too Ubuntu.

If you don't have it installed yet install it.

#sudo apt-get install tremulous

Now download the x86 file that would replace the executable you have


To be sure, make a backup of the old executable file.

#sudo mv /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous_old

Move the new file to the proper directory

#sudo mv tremulous.x86 /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous

Change the file to be executable.

#sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous

Now what? …

[UPDATED] I am NOT Ditching Firefox in Favor of Epiphany

[UPDATE] Ok Ok, I concede. Firefox is not the slow poke here it's my sloppy Linux configuration that is causing all the trouble, well at least most of it. So, forget about the picture below and Google, don't take my $ 1.50 Adsense earnings away from me anymore. I'm supporting Firefox again! Woot!

I recently made my Debian fox faster through adjusting swappiness. Whatever that means. This is how it is done.

[OLD ARTICLE] It's I'd hate to go against my (used to be) favorite browser, but I am an honest guy. Firefox just doesn't cut it anymore for me. Sure it has over a bazillion add ons that could make life easy. Sure it has over a bazillion themes that could make it transform into over a bazillion other things. But. Yes but.

It is so painfully slow.

Okay, so my PC runs on an ancient Pentium III 650 MHz with 256 MB RAM. Okay, I am running Debian Etch 4 r 3 on KDE. But, still you'd have to admit that what used to be Michael Jordan criss crossing on the court runnin…

The Need for WM Unification

I never really understood the need for partisan politics nor animosity between Gnome and KDE. They're both good things in their own right. I might come out as being naive owing to the fact that I don't really know the underlying issues concerning this, but one thing is for sure, and that is We don't want our desktops looking like Frankenstein

The Frankenstein description stems from the lack of a cohesive approach to the overall look of a Linux run compputer.

Consider this, I remember marvelling at the first time I used Windows XP. I noted then that even pre-WindowsXP applications looked like they were something new because of the uniform effect that Windows XP forced on them.

Uniformity ALWAYS gives the impression of professional conduct as well as appearance. As the ad people would always say

As a Linux user I have always straddled and tiptoed the line between Gnome and KDE. Gnome has a lot of good offerings in terms of performance, simplicity and utility, …


Don't read this experimental post.

I just read Jehzlau's post about search engine optimization and would like to try an experiment. Well, it's sort of weird that sites could become famous just because of that. For example, he said that PinoyMoneyTalk is a piranha. Wow. I mean, if that is how you optimize a search engine, then shiver me timbers the Internet should shut down and reboot a new idea... Strange, now I am beginning to write like that.

Really. A website's relevance or Page rank or whatever the hell you would like to call it should be based on the amount of cash thrown away by the owner. Google probably spent billions of dollars on its operation therefore it's very relevant. Well, this free blog, is free, so in my paradigm, it should be worthless. Just like the Inquirer libre that you pick up in the station.

FILIPINO: Ano ang Linux?

Sa aking mga kababayan, sa abroad at sa Pinas, may pera o wala, maganda o panget, sexy o mataba, mayaman o mahirap, marunong o wais, lalong lalo na sa kabataang nalululong sa mga MMORPG, heto na ang mga kasagutan sa mga tanong na parati niyong tinatanong sa akin tuwing ito ay binabanggit. ANO ANG LINUX?

Marahil ay naririning ninyo ang mga salitang ito - "Linux" "Open Source". Ano ba yang mga sors sors na yan??? Pa open open pa?

Okay, pagpapalagay ko na lang na puro mga bata ang nagbabasa nito. Isipin mo na lang ikaw ang bata. Okay???

Alam mo ba kung ano ang Windows? Hindi yung bintana. Yung nasa loob ng computer mo. Oo. Yan may XP, may 98, may 2000 at may VISTA. Yan ang mga klase ng Windows. Pag pumunta ka sa mga Muslim na nagtitinda ng mga games sa Baclaran, Quiapo o Virra Mall, malamang meron din sila niyan. Sabihin mo lang "Windows" at bibigyan ka nila ng Pirated CD sa halagang 100 pesos. Pwede mo pang tawaran, "Ate, nagtatrabaho po ang uncle ko sa …

iGoogle Redirected to SiteSure

Today, February 17, 2008, 01:00 AM GMT+8:00 , my iGoogle Home Page got consistently redirected to a Website called

It appears that one of Google's gadgets called, "This Day in History" has been Hijacked and is causing the redirect. Simply remove the gadget before it fully loads.

Curiously, this is a Windows specific problem as it does not happen on Linux.

More details here.
in Google Groups

I think its time for a Google password change as a lot of services rely on it.

Why Does Everyone Want to Run MS Office in Wine?

I was checking my statcounter statistics and well, I am kind of surprised that my little Linux Newbie Blog is racking it in specially for "Running MS Office 2003 under Wine". It's really strange and disturbing. Why want to run something inferior when you can have something that could do the same job?

Well, who am I to challenge the wishes of the market? If they want to run MS Office 2003 on Wine and Linux then fine. But what's bothering me really is that such a trend has bad implications for the alternatives that the Open Source world has to offer. I could think of a few random thoughts that could explain this.

1. Open Office may be stagnating, or simply innovating and improving more slowly than the boys and girls at Redmond.
2. People just don't see the point in wasting time learning something new.
3. Open Office looks cheap?
4. MS Office is a status symbol? Like, "If you really say that you are that good at what you do then why can't you afford MS Office?&q…

Leave of Absence

ANNOUNCEMENT: I would have to take an extended leave of absence from blogging. My daughter, Alithea Rae has been confined in Las Pinas Doctors Hospital for 3 days now due to convulsions and high fever.

Alithea is a variant of the name Alethea which means TRUTH. Rae is a feminine variant of the name Rey which is linked to either kingship or that of light. I put it together to signify two things: That the TRUTH IS KING or LIGHT OF TRUTH. For those of you who pray, please offer a silent prayer for my daughter's wellness. For those of you who don't pray, please wish her well.

UPDATE: My daughter is back in action and so am I. She's well and kicking ass!

No Icons in Konqueror then Crash

-Konqueror does not show 'any icons' when trying to view files or folders locally

-It then crashes after a few seconds
-Error Code in Konsole:
Code: konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype inode/directory
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype image/jpeg
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype text/plain
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype image/jpeg
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype inode/directory
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype application/x-iso
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype text/plain
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype inode/directory
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype image/jpeg
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype image/jpeg
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype inode/directory
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype image/png
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype image/jpeg
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not …

HowTo: Add Applications You've Installed Using the dpkg - i Command

So you've installed that nifty Debian package that you've downloaded from somewhere other than the official Debian repositories but can't find it anywhere in your menu. Let's say for example the beta release of Firefox 3. You have gotten used to running Firefox 2 from the menu by clicking. But after you've installed Firefox 3 beta, you can't find it anywhere except by running it via the CLI.

If you are looking to put a program that you've installed via the sudo dpkg -i package.deb command. Here's how to put it in your K menu.

1. First click on the K-Menu button.
2. Click on Settings
3. Then click on the Menu Updating Tool

4. Click on Scan
5. Pick the application that you are looking for
6. Click Apply then Close

[UPDATED] How to Install Firefox 3 beta 3 on Debian Etch

Why should you use Firefox 3? Software nowadays tend to get bloated, big and slow. Not this one. Though still in beta form Firefox 3 surely impressed my Pentium 3 650 Mhz 256 MB RAM PC running Debian Etch. Woho, it's fast, this I can guarantee.

A crude test I performed involved opening ten tabs from the same links in my iGoogle RSS feeds section. While opening the tabs in Firefox 2, I wasn't able to click and view the tabs which have already loaded. In Firefox 3, I was able to do so with almost instantaneous response from Firefox.

UbuntuGeek posted some instructions on how to install Firefox 3 beta in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. These were the instructions I followed after downloading the beta release since the following codes did NOT work for the Firefox install.

# tar xvzf package.tar.gz (or tar xvjf package.tar.bz2)
# cd package
# ./configure
# make
# make install

Installing Firefox 3 beta on my Debian Box:
*Note: The steps are for Ubuntu - they worked on my Debian Box

From UbuntuGeek.


Howto: Replace Gnome Desktop Environment with K Desktop Environment in Debian Etch

After my foray in trying to replace Nautilus as my default File Manager. I decided what I've been meaning to really do for quite some time: That is to replace the gnome desktop environment with the K Desktop Environment.

I have found a handy resource for this and would not be posting about this lengthily since this particular task has proven to be surprisingly easy. Really easy.

In my case all I did was this:


1. Open a Terminal
2. Type in the command:

#apt-get install kdm kde-core

3. During installation I was asked what login manager I wanted and choose I picked kdm.
4. Logged off
5. Logged back in.
6. Choose 'KDE' session.
7. Choose 'Make Default'.


1. This would of course apply to Debian Etch as I did it in Debian Etch.
2. I lost my sticky notes applet.
3. Most of my Gnome applications still looked like they are in Gnome.
4. For a more in-depth tutorial on how to do this, please visit.

Debian Admin

Changing Default File Manager in Gnome From Nautilus to Konqueror

As a Debian 37 day old newbie, I am going to do something stupid today. In fact I already did. I tried to replace Nautilus as my default File Manager to Konqueror. My step to achieve this is by removing Nautilus since I already have Konqueror installed.

I did this:

apt-get remove nautilus

This was its reply:

debian:/home/danny/Desktop# apt-get remove nautilus
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
The following packages will be REMOVED:
gnome-core gnome-desktop-environment nautilus nautilus-cd-burner
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 4 to remove and 88 not upgraded.
Need to get 0B of archives.
After unpacking 3994kB disk space will be freed.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y
(Reading database ... 128698 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing gnome-desktop-environment ...
Removing gnome-core ...
Removing nautilus-cd-burner ...
Removing nautilus ...

I realized that I've done something wrong when I saw the boldfaced lines above. My browser …

Exercise Your Right to Vote: Linux Applications Awards

The GNU/Linux philosophy is not only about freedom. It is also about your rights as a computer using individual. Among these rights, the most dynamic of all is your ability to vote. With your vote, you could move mountains. With your vote, you could help shape the landscape that we have collectively shaped for the past decade. For without the ordinary individual computer user, the internet would just be one big advertising billboard for organizations and governments.

Now what would be more important in the Free and Open Source world than exercising your right to vote for which software you could use to shape it. The more that you let the developers know that you like their creation - the more inspired they are in creating it for you, right?

Exercise your rights and vote for the tools by which YOU the computer user could shape that future of the Internet. Go Out and Vote!


I. Mail Client of the Year

Opera M2

How to Send SMS in the Philippines/UK via Chikka in Linux

Installing Java's Runtime Environment is difficult for me. Even with Automatix, I just couldn't figure out how to make it run applications like Chikka. Fortunately, Chikka has a new offering called X-Messenger. It's a web application where you could send SMS messages to the Philippines/UK from any browser for free. Thus, it gave me another reason to remove my Dual Booted Windows XP.

On the top of the interface are icons for the familiar Y! of Yahoo, the butterfly for MSN, Jabber (Google Talk) and others. It also gives you the opportunity to use this slick interface for these protocols. Now, you won't need to chat to your Yahoo IM budies using a desktop application. Do it all on the browser.

How to: Get the HTML Hexadecimal Value of a Color Anywhere

Well, not outside of your desktop of course. If you are a gnome user and have that Sticky Note applet in your panel.

Here's how to do it

1. Right click on the sticky note icon.

- if you dont have it yet:
- Right click on your panel
- Click Add to Panel
- In the Find an Item to Add to the Panel Search Field type in 'Sticky Note'
- Click on Add

2. Click on Preferences
3. Click on Note Color

4. Click the eyedropper icon

5. Point to the color that you like on a picture, on your panel, on your desktop - anywhere - yeah, well at least anywhere not outside of your PC
6. The hexadecimal code will display