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Another Hoax or For Real? Piratebay Sold for $ 7.8 Million

It can't be....

It must be a hoax.

But then again, this comes after their court judgment.

Who knows?

It sounds legit.

That seems to be the only way they could pay the fine that was meted to them.

For the whole internet - except maybe for the RIAA, this seems like a slap on the face.

Remember Napster?

Day 1044.b HowTo: Install Firefox 3.5 on Debian Lenny (Stable) 5

Why Do You Want to Install Firefox 3.5 on Debian Lenny 5?

One Word: Plug-ins. (Are those two words or is that just one word???)

1.Download Firefox 3.5 for Debian: -or-

$ wget

2. Change Directory to /usr/local. That's where we're going to put it:

$ cd /usr/local

3. Untar/Decompress the Firefox 3.5 bzip2 file you just downloaded:

$sudo tar -xvjf /directory/where/you/put/the/file/firefox*

* Note, it would be best to make use of TAB COMPLETION on the terminal to make sure that you specify the correct file rather than the asterisk.

4. Make a symbolic link

$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox3

* Note, you can change 'firefox3'to something more convenient like 'ff3'. Either way it works.

* FINAL NOTES: If you get a "No Display Specified" Error or any "Display" related error - simply reboot.

Day 1043: Use Miro in Ubuntu/GNU/Linux to Subscribe to Pinoy Tech Podcast

Miro is a very versatile multi platform media player that could very well be "THEMedia Player" for GNU/Linux, Mac and even Windows systems.

Pinoy Tech Podcast is a laid back podcast composed of Dean Berris, Jon Limjap, Migs Paraz, Aileen Apolo and Jerome Gotangco about Filipinos, Technology, a little bit of Linux and Open Source. Highly recommended for those of you who are sitting alone in a coffee shop with only your laptop as a companion. You'll actually feel that you have companions.

To subscribe to their podcast using Miro:

*Install Miro
$ sudo apt-get install miro

1. Copy this url:
2. Run Miro
3. Click on Sidebar > Add Feed
4. Paste the url you copied earlier
5. Click on the "Audio" radio button
6. Click OK

There you have it :) Happy Listening

Or if you are in a hurry - just head on to their website and play the embedded audio. Much easier :)

Day 1042: Which e-Commerce Site is the Most Famous?

RJ David, adorably known as admin by millions if not hundreds of thousands of sulitizens, the owner of is a seo genius, beating other prominent Filipino owned eCommerce websites at their own game. It even beat

Further proof of's success is it's ranking in Google for the term: buy and sell.

Why is the term "buy and sell" important?

Because it's the name of a popular Free Ads Magazine. Notice however that Buy and Sell Magazine's Official Web Page now ranks #1 for the term "Buy and Sell". Their corporate head may have panicked upon seeing that another website has capitalized on their pet keywords and coincidentally the popularity of their offline free ads magazine.

For the SEO experts out there, we may learn that it's not only seo as in "Search Engine Optimization". It is primarily "Social Engineering Optimization". has a very unique way of generating numerous links in, around, …

Day 1038: [Summation] How to Get Venture Capital Money from the General Public for your Project

How to Start a MMORPG Development Company Using Other People's Money

Without Having to Actually Give their Money Back...

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this not as a how to. I am writing this out of experience. I am sharing what I observed as a failed investor myself. This post is specially dedicated to the newbie aspiring young entrepreneurs and prospective OFWs who have made a living abroad and are thinking of investing their hard earned money here in our scam ridden country. I call these kind of scams - legal scams. You signed it. Here is what happens or what could happen if you do not consult the experts:

I. Section I - Software

Making a half-baked product.

a. Get at least 2 programmers. One is the software lead and the other is the assistant (The one who makes the coffee).

b. Get them to use premade software tools or engines so that development is faster - but don't finish it.

c. Make sure that there are plenty of bugs - so you can use them to delay later.

d. Make sure that th…

Day 1037.C: [PART II] How NOT to Invest in a Software Development Firm in the Philippines

We entered their big house to meet with 'the doctor'. One of the housemaids, ushered us into the office cum clinic cum investment room. My wife and I stared at each other and I said to her softly, "This is their office?". To our back was a white curtain that covered half of the room. I was a little concerned that there might be some people there hiding waiting to grab us or something.

Then the door opened and were greated by 'his wife'. She shook our hands, smiled and said, "The Doctor will be with you shortly."

She asked "By the way, do you know about Ragnarok? How about the World of Warcraft?"

I nodded in confirmation to her query and tried to ask her, "What is this thing really?"

"Well, it's like World of Warcraft but with robots. It's still in the development stage. It's an MMORPG where you get to customize robots and fight."

I was excited at the prospect. Wow, I mean literally W.O.W with robots. Forgiv…

Day 1037.B: [UPDATE] I Got An Email Today

Sorry for the delay in publishing PART II of my sad tale in tech investment. I got an email today, from someone whose name I won't disclose until he would come out in the open or until I find out that he is a real person in the first place.

Mahirap makuryente so to speak.

Whether he is a real person or not, I am sure that there are others like me who "invested" 125,000 pesos in this sad joke of a company and are now fuming mad because their reported earnings are:

0.00 Philippine Pesos.

Here is the email, whether if its a real investor or what, I guess I would see in the following days. And so begins this war.

Drama ko no?

Well, all I want is closure and justice.

I'll keep you posted for Part II.

Day 1037: [PART I] How to Make 300,000 PhP a Month - The Anatomy of a Bad Financial Decision

Here's the deal breaker:

...unless you do something illegal or immoral.

But that was the catch phrase of their ad in Buy and Sell Magazine.

Here's the true to life story of how I invested 125,000 Philippine Pesos in a Philippine Game Software Development Firm and got duped - legally. This is my life and it almost crashed because of this one single mistake. Learn from my investment mistake. Read more on how NOT to make an investment. I pray that with my bad experience you will learn something that I had to learn on my own.


It all started with a little bit of money, and the promise of starting a new life. With the passing away of my father on the 22nd of October, the year of our Lord 2006, I, as the first born in our family knew that I had a legacy to fulfill. More than that, I had a dream to pursue.

I said to myself, and publicly during the wake of my father, "I will not let what my father built with his own hands be destroyed. If I have to build it aga…

Day 1035: Busy Week Last Week

Hi again Internet!

Had a very busy and stressful week.

1. IP Masqueraded 4 boxes - in short shared Internet connection with the other 3
2. Struggled to fix my sister's PC which in the end had RAM problems
3. Business ...
4. Father's Day
5. Had to bring mom to hospital 2 times

 Yes, I also has my cheezburger dezpite the stressorz. (Actually I had Jollibee champ) Its been ages since I've had a champ, and now I am happy. Why? Mom's doctor said:

"What mom eats - YOU ALL EAT." 
That means vegetables, with no ginisa.

So I snuck out of the house without anyone noticing and ate a champ!

Mom is ok now, and yay 4 computers connected to the interwebzors, woot!

Here are a few posts I'd like to share and hopefully read again in the future:

1. Beginner's Guide to Slackware

"Give a man Ubuntu and he'll learn Ubuntu. Give a man Slackware and he will learn Linux."

2. Useful Tutorials for Linux and Unix

3. Ubuntu Philippine Head Dax Umaming Holds Softwar…

This Free Awesome Template Provided by Ray Creations...More Inside

I've always been happy to share whatever I could and this time I've decided to give something back in return. I've been getting a lot of feedback about the nice new template.

I made it.

Nah, I am just kidding.

These absolutely cool guys at RayCreations.Net made these and for that I am really grateful.

So, I guess I will be expecting more blog sites to look like mine. Eh, what the heck.

To download the absolutely cool ++ free blogspot themes click on the pictures.
Clicking on them would take you to the source of these templates.

Whew. That took me 30 minutes to get a screenshot, edit the pictures, upload the files, then edit the tags. There are plenty more at:

Day 1019: Do Not Install Google Chrome

Just kidding. No really, they said don't install it.
Anyway, here's how to install it:

If you want to install it on an Ubuntu 8.04 or up machine. Simply click the following debs:

Dev channel (for 32 bit systems): google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.debDev channel (for 64 bit systems): google-chrome-unstable_current_amd64.deb*Install it with Gdebi
*Warning. Google really did say don't install it unless you're the tinkering type.

If you are running a Debian based system and would prefer to do this via the cli. Here are the steps.

1. Download the appropriate deb file

For 32-bit
$ wget 64-bit
$ wget
2. Install it via dpkg

$ sudo dpkg -i name_of_debfile_you_just_downloaded.deb
OPTIONAL: If you want to add the chrome directory permanently to the environment path variable add the following steps:

a. $ sudo gedit ~/.bashrc
add this a…

TECH SOURCE FROM BOHOL: Tweeting via Pidgin on Ubuntu

TECH SOURCE FROM BOHOL: Tweeting via Pidgin on Ubuntu

Here's a micro post for Jun Auza's How to post to Twitter using pidgin.

Gotta love pidgin. I use it for chikka. I use it for IM. I use it for IRC. Now I use it for twitter.

Awesome post Jun!