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You Want To Do This

A big shoutout to this blog I literally stumbled upon a few minutes ago:

The idea of selling all your belongings, quitting your job and then backpacking all over the world is one thing that lingers in the mind like a gallant flea on a hot summer afternoon. 
Who does this, right? 
Rich single people that's who. 
I guess, if ever I would do this, it would have to be a family trip on a comvee ala Wild Thornberrys.   

My youngest son would be Donnie the wild boy. And all of my daughters would be Eliza, so they say.

I, of course, would be the impeccable Nigel Thornberry and my wife would be the wonderful Marianne.

While dads and moms do wish that they could go away for awhile, I've gotten used to being with my little munchkins 24/7.

Kids, they kinda grow on you.

But enough about me and Nigel Thornberry. Go get yourself a backpack

Online Games

Let's say that you know that you're going to live for 60 years.

The initial 20 of those years are spent on the early stages of life. Let's call it the accelerated learning stage.

The next 20 years is spent on working and applying what you've learned. This does not go to say that you will stop learning, work experience is a vital component of learning in our later years.

If you're lucky, the remaining 20 years should be for retirement and maybe even travel. Some opt to not retire and continue on working for 20 more years.


20 years is more or less equivalent to 7,304.84 days

20 years = 175,316.26 hours
20 years = 10,518,975.3 minutes

Now let's say that you play online games 1 hour every day. If my computations are right, that's 7,304.84 hours in 20 years or 304.37 days.

It's almost a full year out of the 20.

The question is, what is the value of your time spent on online games?

Well, it's relaxing, it's fun, it soothes ourselves from the …

The Measure Of A Man's Success Is Directly Correlated To His Willingness To Have Uncomfortable Conversations

Many people become discouraged and defeated when they fail or make a mistake.  This can be applied to anything and any field.  Some people may even give up on their dream, because of hearing “no” too often or feeling like a failure.  This life philosophy is also a sales strategy.  For those who are very successful at sales, they know the secret of embracing “no” and refuse to allow any failed sale discourage them.  The key is maintaining a positive and optimistic mindset no matter what.  One more “no” is just one step closer to success!  Everyone can utilize this philosophy in order to overcome fears of failure and rejection.

The first part of this philosophy involves changing your views on “success” and “failure.”  Most people imagine themselves in the middle of “success” and “failure.”  From here they can only move in one direction.  One path leads them to success, and the other path leads to failure.  By doing everything they can to avoid failure, while moving towards success, they …

Free Seminar on Web Development

I love free seminars! 

That's one of the advantages of living near the city that I think should be brought more to the underprivileged areas here in the Philippines. That's actually a part of my vision for resort ville. Inviting guest speakers who could teach their knowledge to the children here, could inspire them to look forward to a promising future. 
Anyway, this web development seminar is located at the very heart of congested Metro Manila. I'll post the details verbatim:
No fees. No mininum purchases. Open to all. Limited seats. No registration required. No certificate will be issued.  FREE Coffee/Water by True Rated PC (bugsgunny / johnryorense)
July 23 (Saturday) :
11:00 am - 6:00 pm - Web Development - by the Pinoy Web Dev 
Web Design Concepts and Principles - Dave Bryan Mercado aka anasaziSlicing PSD to HTML/CSS - John Michael Sales aka neojohanCpanel Tutorial, and WordPress Customization Techniques - Rhomeo P. Hildawa Jr. aka _unbreakable69_Jooml…

Comic Con 2011 Goes Live

Google Plus Is Us

Not just you, or me or him. It's about everybody's story and everybody's dream. 
Who am I? Nobody, but now I've made it a point to tell your story rather than just mine. 
What is Google Plus really about?  It should not just be about web icons and personalities, but it is becoming like that. The thing is, they have the right to do whatever they want to do and talking about them just makes them more popular even if what they did was ethically controversialConversations. Talking with rather than talking at people.Equality and Respect. Don't you love these two words? It's quite simple really, yet pristinely marvelous that we miss it.In Google Plus Hangouts, everybody can talk and be heard. It's not a vodcast, or a webinar or a stream of a big raving social media guy - everyone can speakA chance for the little girl or guy. Rebecca Black, love her, hate her, it's her moment. When is your moment? Anytime you want. Take it. Everybody can take theirs.Should no…

How to Streamline Your RSS Feeds [GUEST POST]

About the Author: Deborah Blair is a full-time writer with a passion for internet marketing, blogging, and time-saving devices. She also enjoys writing about health and wellness and is a regular contributor at
RSS Feeds were created to keep you from bouncing all over the internet looking for updates on your favorite blogs, while building an audience for blog sites. If you are overwhelmed with the posts cluttering your feed, it may be time to set up some to integrate a few clutter management techniques.

Say Goodbye to Dead Relationships

While you may have been attracted by the first post that you read on a blog, if you find that you avoid reading one particular site’s updates, then it’s time to reconsider. Does this site represent your interests? Are you keeping up with the updates to this particular blog's feed? If not, you may want to simply take it off of your feed. No harm, no foul. Doing so will give you more time to focus on the blogs you still…

Help Igor Choose Another Name

Igor needs our help. He has written a very promising fantasy novel entitled Betrayed, and would like to choose a pen name.

Igor Ljubuncic, that's his real name by the way, is the extremely hilarious and excellent Linux blogger who blogs at

Igor, if you're reading this, I think your name is already as good as it is. Nevermind if the masses can't pronounce it. Your name is already unique as it is and keeps people guessing how they should pronounce it.

Google +1 and Search Engine Rankings

Ever since the release of the Google +1 button, the SEO world has been buzzing about how much this new social share button by the search engine giant would affect search results. Now, after Google+ was released a couple of weeks ago and quickly garnered 10 million users, it is easy to see that this is going to be a factor that we are going to have to take into consideration for a long time to come.
Many sites have not implemented the button into their blog or website yet (if you have not I suggest you do) but Google+ users are still using it to share over 1 billion pieces of information a day which is quite astounding. All of these feel good numbers are great and all, but how does it help us in the world of SEO?
SEOmoz embarked on this quest to see how much, if any, the newly implemented Google +1 button affected a website’s rankings in the search results. One thing that is a clear take away from the study is social shares from Google +1 along with twitter and Facebook help in the in…

Hangouts ARE Video Hashtags

Marjorie Clayman, a friend I met on twitter inspired me to write this blog post. She was expressing her skepticism about Google Plus being a game changer and I thought about what could convince her to think otherwise. 
Then it hit me like a flying +1 sign that hit facebook on the head.
The earliest time I remembered conversing with you Margie was at #blogchat founded by Mack Collier
Then it hit me again. 
#blogchat + Google Plus Hangouts = Video hashtags / Video #blogchat
I emailed, and hopefully did not annoy, a developer who may have some knowledge about this, and as of this writing, I'm still awaiting for his response. 
Think about it, a video chat room. 
Now, I'm not a programmer so I don't know how the heck this would work out. But among the features I'm thinking about is being able to broadcast the stream of a public hangout to the general public. (Sorry about the redundancy.
On to the next level, I'm thinking about integrating such a stream with ustream…

The Real Reason Why You Need Google Plus

I got inspired to write about this because of an article written by Rocky Agrawal who guest posted over at Techcrunch. Quoted, he mentioned the following insightful tidbits:
"Although I like a lot of the content I currently see on Google+, it has limited appeal. It also has a dangerous priming effect as new entrants either look at the conversations and mimic them or decide that this isn’t their scene. It’s like peeking into a party and realizing that the people who are inside are nothing like you." I agree with some of his points particularly on "realizing that the people who are inside are nothing like you."


But then that's the point. Everything about Google plus is a fresh start at social networking. It's a chance to rebuild burned bridges spurned from the ashes of failed social connections, an opportunity to see social reality in a different light, to create a new sense of wonderment from our disillusioned social networking eyes and more impor…

I'm In. Google Plus

It took 5 invitations and a week before I could get in, but finally. Whew. It feels like being able to enter the movie theater after waiting in line for hours.

What worked?
Apparently, filling out your Google profile is the key. After staring and staring at Mark Zuckerberg's Google+ profile, trying to intuit what he's up to in his rival's social network, I decided that it looks very much like the old Google profile. So I filled it up.

Are You with Google or Against Google?

What struck me as a bit odd was Google's insistence that I link my Picasa account to Google+ or not join at all. Not that I'm keeping compromising pictures there but the freedom to choose is important.

There you have it, the first thing you'll see after all the dialogs run away.

Clicking on the fourth tab on the top (the grey circley things) would then bring me to this part of the site:

The ever famous Google+ Circle.

I've noticed that most of the people here are email contacts, but some ar…

Internet Marketing and Piracy in the Philippines

Current Philippine News recently reported on a Nielsen study indicating that half of Filipinos who go online, have never bought anything on the Internet.

This is unsurprising given the state of IP law enforcement in the Philippines where pirated or boot legged DVDs run rampant across the nation. 
In an online market where digital goods such as ebooks, movies and video games are the best selling items, the Philippines is not particularly fertile ground. 
On the marketing side, in an environment where ebooks are easily downloaded and pirated DVDs sold for less than a dollar each, how else could you sell services or goods to this country?
Until such time when Intellectual property laws are strictly enforced, Internet marketing in the Philippines would mostly focus on local goods and services and on niche markets. 
Existing business entities with a set paradigm for selling online would find their growth rates to be severely limited by this. 
There are many plausible explanations for this:

The Cure for Blog Addiction

People say that blogs are passe, that they're things from the past and that social networking is the new deal. But I personally don't believe that. I think that blogs will be a permanent fixture on the Internet until such time that people invent mental telepathy.

The core of blogging are people's thoughts. Sometimes, we tend to get caught up in the doldrums of normal every day life that we seek out something fresh, we seek out distraction and essentially, we seek out other people's thoughts. It somehow affirms our own sanity to know that there are others who think like us, others who differ from us and others who are just plain and simple, insane.

Zuckerberg on Joining Google+

A few posts ago, we wrote about Mark Zuckerberg joining Google's new social network Google Plus. There was a lot of speculation on whether the person really is the CEO of Facebook. Finally, a credible source finally confirmed through twitter that it's really Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg is on Google Plus

While scouring the web for people with Google Plus Invitations to spare, I found Danny Sullivan, who wrote about Jenny Lee, who tweeted about finding Mark Zuckerberg's Google Plus Profile.

Don't know if it's legit though. :)

Update: It appears that this is really Mark Zuckerberg based on the people in his Google Plus Circle:

1. Ben Barry - Related to Mark Z. in some way 2. Blake Ross - Facebook Director of Product 3. Sam Lessin - Facebook acquired company 4. Dustin Moskovitz - Co founder of Facebook 5. Bret Taylor - Facebook CTO

5. Joshua Pritchard - One of two inventors who filed a patent application in behalf of facebook for "systems and methods for classified advertising in an authenticated web-based social network" 6. Justin Shaffer - Facebook acquires Hot Potato Media, Head of Facebook Groups 7. Pedram Keyani - Facebook employee

People With Google Plus Invites

We know that you're looking for Google Plus Invites. In fact Google has had to temporarily turn invites off because there's just too many people who want to play around with it. 

Take heart, we're compiling a list of the people who have Google Plus Invites so that you could tweet, message, email and "kindly request" them for one. Don't forget the magic word!
Now we're assuming that the people on Google Plus also have invites, after all, it wouldn't make sense for them to be on it and not be able to invite anyone right?

Here goes!
1. Leo Laporte - @leolaporte 2. Gina Trapani - @ginatrapani 3. Alan Henry - @halophoenix 4. Robert Scoble - @scobleizer 5. Jeff Jarvis - @JEFFJARVIS 6. Lifehacker Forums - 7. Mashable Contest - 8. Ebay - Google Invites for Bidding - BE VERY Careful there! Caveat Emptor!!!!
9. Matt Cutts - @mattcutts
10. Jennifer Lee - @jenny8lee
11. Mark Zuckerberg - What?!? Yep, Mar…