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Kubuntu Newbie Experience IX - Linux User #

I can't resist...

Please count me in!

Personal Notes III - Is GNU/Linux Slow?

Now, I don't want to be flamed before I say anything. Remember I have been using Linux for only 20 days. I love GNU/Linux. Even though I can't use more than 5% of my Windows Applications (which are unfortunately stored in the form of CDs - of which I have about 300) I still use it.

We have to get rid of the fanboy attitude. GNU/Linux like Windows is just a tool. Tools need to be optimized for maximum efficiency. Sure, we need to promote Linux and we need to promote it in a nice way - not by hurling benchmarks along with curses. In every tool, there would always be these three: Features, Advantages and Benefits.

Right now, honestly speaking in my noob point of view - GNU/Linux is way way behind Windows. Hold the flames mister, I'm not done yet. Think of it in a constructive and strategic manner. Microsoft has dominated like the Evil Empire. Senator Palpatine has his grips firmly on the reign of power. 90% of the star systems are under the control of the Empire. There's o…

Kubuntu Newbie Experience VIII - Eye Candy

We, Gnu/Linux lovers love eye candy. Correction, most computer users regardless of the operating system that is used love eye candy.

For me, it came in the form of It's simple really, For Windows XP there's For us defenders of Software Freedom, we have and I guarantee you, your appetite for eye candy would be more than satiated.

How did I find it? Google of course. Remember the KDE button? Yes, the square one. You see, the grades of my eyes are near blindness and I have problems looking at little icons. In Windows XP you have the "start" button and its fairly visible without effort even at 1024x768 resolution.

So, I decided to search for the term "rectangle kde button" and that's where I found KBFX and kde-look.

And after a few tweaking I was able to make my desktop look like this:

Ain't she a beauty?

I know I know the colors need a little more tweaking and so, but overall, I am satisfied. The cool thing is…

Applied Hacking II - Blogger: Peekaboo Hacks

From Hackosphere comes another great hack for my blog. It's called the Peekaboo Hack. Why?

Ah, because it makes my blog posts peek from the labels or archives, when you click it, it boos!

It's my first Ramani hack and I really appreciate his help and guidance. His blog got to the Blogs of Note and I'm sure that it is well deserved.

Try the peek a boo hack on my page:

1. Click on any of my labels
2. Choose a blog post
3. Click on the [+/-] sign beside the blog post title
4. Boo!

Hehe, surprise!

Personal Notes II - Rants

Rants are counter productive. Let's face it, a majority of people who can talk, write or communicate, one way or another tend to rant so much. Being a graduate of philosophy and political science and yes - a law school drop out, I've seen the best of them rant. That's why I won't, or at least try not to. My fellow countrymen would also tend to be extremely adept (sudo or kdesu maybe) at this. I really don't know why. Rant rant rant. Read the newspaper, rant rant rant. Read some blogs, rant rant rant. Listen to the radio, rant rant rant.

It just can't be helped. Filipinos (that's me and my countrymen) as writers generally tend to be somber, serious, acidly sarcastic and egotistical. See what I mean?

Writers also tend to write about things that are ideal. People tend to reflect on a reality of what ifs and tend to rant on a reality of what is. So, if you ever catch me ranting again, tell me. I'd rather write something more senseless. =)

Kubuntu Newbie Experience VII - Love the Second Time Around

Whoever said that love is sweeter the second time around is probably right. /cliche

So, what drove me to reinstall Kubuntu after it died on me for the 3rd time?


I believe in it's capabilities and its possibilities. So without further rants, here is the promised post - how I installed a dual boot system.

Note however that I did this without any data to lose.

How I Dual Booted Kubuntu and WindowsXP


A 10 GB Empty Hard Drive
A CD ROM drive that is capable of booting
Windows XP Installation CD
Kubuntu Dapper Drake Installation CD
Spare Time and Patience
A Magazine


I made sure that I have all the important information that I have on another drive
I restarted the computer
I edited the BIOS to indicate that I wanted my PC to boot from the CD
I placed the Windows Installation CD on the tray
I restarted the PC
The WindowsXP Installation Wizard shows itself
It asks me to create partitions for my WindowsXP Installation
I created a 4 GB FAT32 partition for my WindowsXP I…

Personal Notes I - Doubt

I recently ran into some very discouraging situations running my Linux Kubuntu system. There is the problem of the cracking sounds on my Linux sound hardware and the apparent lack of help that I got. I now keep a dual booting machine. Do you want to know how, well, it didn't really take some rocket science. Just plain old common sense. I'll post about it next.

That dual booting system enabled me to boot from either Windows XP or GNU/Linux Kubuntu. Every now and then, I would boot to Windows XP to do something that I cannot do in GNU/Linux (eg. Play MP3s with excellent quality). Music does play in my Kubuntu box, but, in all honesty it sounds like it came from a can instead of speakers.

Also, there are times when the GUI latency gets on my nerves. I click something, be it a button, a tab, an element, etc., and count up to four before it does what I asked it to do.

I know, I know, I'm sounding like a brat and all that. I perfectly agree with you. I am a brat - but - you have to…

Kubuntu Newbie Experience VI - Kontact

I have fallen in love with Kontact. I never really believed in love at first sight until I clicked on Kontact. I'm sure you will too. So what is Kontact? Kontact is KDE based Kubuntu's response to MS Outlook. It features the following goodies:

Kontact - Akregator - An RSS feed aggregator for the K Desktop Environment. They provide a convenient way to browse different kinds of content, including news, blogs, and other content from online sites.

Kontact - Notes - A simple sticky note place for the things that you want to remember, like lists of TV shows to watch, favorite artists, anything...

Kontact - Journal - A calendar integrated feature that lets you write your thought of the day. Sort of like, er, an offline blog. You know? Journals. The format that Bram Stoker used in telling the story of Dracula?

Kontact - To Do List - A list for those things that you need to get done organized according to your priorities and their status.

Kontact - Calendar - Contains your calendar. It has …

Visionaries II - Eric Kidd's "The Missing Future"

Eric Kidd wrote an article on June 22, 2003, entitled "The Missing Future". I was searching for a linux solution to a linux problem and accidentally stumbled upon the article. I read the title and was immediately captivated. I found myself reading all the way through, which is rare these days given that the Internet today is a big big goo.

I said to myself, "Hey! This is not another guy who wrote about the future, yesterday. This guy is living it." He is a one in a million of factors that play in the whole equation - an equation that not many can comprehend, an equation that silently plays amidst the background news of all that is new and old - and ultimately, an equation that will probably decide the future of the computing world sometime in the near future.

He speaks of his love for programming, his future as one, and which road he should take in these times of rapidly changing technology. It's unique in a manner that not many programmers must have thought the …

Visionaries I - Mark Cuban on Google Buyout

Only a moron would buy You Tube

As events unfolded however, we saw Google, the web giant, the great innovator imitated by all, envied even by Microsoft, making a moron of itself - er, or not. So what does the future hold? Is Mark Cuban right or wrong? Is he really an astute visionary or merely an opinionated billionaire who thinks he is spewing gold from his mouth?

History would be the judge of that and right now it's still in the making. Here's a cheer for those who dare speak about the future - right or wrong...

Mark Cuban's Blog

Kubuntu Newbie Experience V - Downloading and Installing Mozilla Firefox

As promised, this post would be about downloading Mozilla Firefox from the repositories.

Again, make sure that the appropriate repositories are enabled. A good indicator for your ability to access the repositories is when you can see a lot of 'Not Installed' packages in your Adept window.

Let's start with checking that out.

1. Click on the 'K-Menu' button
2. Roll your mouse over to 'System'
3. Click on Adept (Package Manager)

*It will then ask you for your root password
*If you are like me, then you would probably have little installed on this list of packages

4. On the 'Search' field or box, type in the word Firefox

*At least seven packages would have the same name or would have elements related to firefox.

5. Choose the package which has only the word 'Firefox' and has the desription "Lightweight web browser from Mozilla" by right clicking on it.

6. Click on Request Install

7. Click on Apply Changes

It will then start to download the package …

Kubuntu Newbie Experience IV - Running Firefox Portable (Windows) on WINE

"I like Konqueror but I love Firefox"
*Disclaimer - Read the last 2 sentences first.

That about sums my feelings for my browsing experience. I needed Mozilla Firefox to access certain functionalities in a lot of websites, like Yahoo!, Google Spreadsheets, Blogger and not to mention some of those nice looking games. I don't know if they are flash or java games - to me they're all the same - free online games.

So, what was my first course of action? Remember, back when I was using Windows XP, I used Mozilla Firefox Portable from Portable This is a software that I would like to call a "WOSS", or Windows Open Source Software. Hehehe, an Open Source Software that runs on Windows. I read somewhere in their support forums that Firefox Portable (FFP) could run on WINE. All my passwords are in that program so, I didn't really have much of a choice don't I?

I googled around and searched for guides on how to install WINE on Kubuntu. To which I encountere…

Kubuntu Newbie Experience III - Instant Messaging

A survey done on the Internet recently concluded in 2006 that a lot of people didn't know what the acronym 'IM' in 'YIM' or 'GAIM' means. For example YIM = Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Instant Messaging/Messenger. Chatting.

For Kubuntu, these programs are categorized under the K-Menu option 'Internet'. So I clicked on the K-Menu, then rolled my mouse over to 'Internet' and then clicked on 'Kopete'.

Don't ask me what 'Kopete' means. I only know that you could use it for chatting. It's Windows counterpart is Trillian and its Open Source distant cousin is Gaim.

A wizard then appears asking which protocol or service I wanted to use:

AIM = AOL Instant Messenger
Gadu-Gadu = I have no idea
Groupwise = A collaboration suite from Novell
ICQ = Instant Messaging computer program
IRC = Internet Relay Chat
Jabber = The protocol that Google Talk uses
MSN Messenger = Microsoft Networks Messenger
SMS = Short Message Service
Testbed = ?
Yahoo = Yahooo!

Kubuntu Newbie Experience II - Connecting to the Internet

After logging in, I surveyed my desktop and found it cleaner than other linux distros. On the lower left corner of my screen is a K button with a gear. I say to myself, it must be something like a Start button. And well, yeah, it is. I clicked it and up pops several menu options. By the way, I recently found out what it is. Its called a K-menu. Give me another *ding* for not reading the manual - but who does, eh?

I wanted to connect to the Internet so I chose 'Internet'. I remember in Windows I have to set up an Internet connection by going through a wizard. Here, I'm not so sure.

Here's what I did nevertheless.

I clicked on the K-Menu, and rolled my mouse over to System and clicked on Konsole (Terminal Program).
- A box which closely resembles a DOS box in Windows XP appears with the text
{your user name}@{name}: ~$
Then I clicked on the Session Menu at the top of the box and clicked on New Root Shell so that I could enter commands that require root or administrator like pr…

Kubuntu Newbie Experience I - Blind Discovery

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This is my first post regarding Linux, Kubuntu specifically. I have successfully installed it with no hassle - most of the stuff I have, works. The challenge is to be able to use Kubuntu as I have used my Windows XP.

Well for starters, My plan to shift to Linux started a few months ago. So, I twiddled with a few linux distros before deciding that I like KDE - it's so shiny; and that I like Ubuntu - it's so, well, it looks easy. So, [shiny] + [easy] + [newbie me] = Kubuntu!


This is just so fun. I feel like a twelve year old again with my first PC. If you happen to be interested my first PC ran on MSDOS 6.22. Back then I played games like Dune 2, Dune 2000, Prince of Persia, that airplane which drops bombs game and that soldier that dies so easily game. Ehehe, I have a poor memory so please don't knock my head and tell me "Gee that doesn't work on MS DOS 6.22".

I hope you have fun reading this and I urge you to comment.

Open Learning II - More Free College Courses

Following the lead of MIT, a host of other universities have started to offer their courses online for free.

Read more about it in

I won't say much about this except that, taken in its whole, this may herald the coming of a long overdue process.

They say that knowledge is power, but you still have to get accreditation to prove that you have that knowledge.

"And that's the bottomline!"