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Reading a Book: The Laws of Prosperity Kenneth Copeland

July 30, 2012 Monday 9:59 AM Philippine Time

5:00 AM Today was a stormy day, but it started out great because two of my greatest joys are in waking up with my baby Hannah beside me and seeing my wife nurse her for whatever babies need. We woke up early and the sun hasn’t touched the sky yet.

6:00 AM A few hours later, the entire house was blanketed by that cold darkness I have always despised. Even though it was early in the morning, there was a power failure. The water supply followed suit but fortunately we still had our extra stores of water. At the time the power went out, my wife and I were actually watching a video that came with the book that my mom lent my wife.

I was curious about it, but to be honest I didn’t really enjoy reading religious material or watching about it. To me they sounded all the same. But since the power went out and I can’t work outside nor dabble with the computer, I decided to read some parts of the book with whatever light I had.

One thing’s for sure, …

Banned in HubPages: Making Money Online - A Poem

Banned In HubPages A Poem by Daniel Andrei R. Garcia "Dannybuntu"
I got banned as a writer in HubPages and I know that it is embarrassing to admit. 
To top that, I got banned 2 weeks after I linked my Google Adsense account in it.
I'm not angry and I suppose they can do anything they want
So what went wrong? They didn't even tell me that I can't
I linked to my own sites that's what went wrong. 
They say it's overly promotional, so go sing a song.
17 articles down the drain with not even a notice
I had to email them and be treated like a lettuce. 
My oldest article there was full of culture and flair, 
About Philippine legends unlike the other articles over there
I took a look at Keyword Tool External and guess what I found
Making money online was one of Hubpages' main stomping ground
Mr. Paul Edmonson the CEO of Hubpages, earlier got angry
For Google Panda may have affected their traffic so sorely
Now I must bid farewell to my poor little …

Forbes Magazine: Investment and Celebrity Fix Publication

Forbes Magazine started the ‘richest people’ list that so many of us enviously peruse while imagining what we would do with the billions that some people have. Not much thought is given to the founder of Forbes and what he’s worth. B.C Forbes, co-founder and financier of Forbes Magazine is the guy who joined with Walter Drey to bring the world what is considered one of the foremost business magazines in the world.
Forbes Magazine The magazine is published biweekly and devoured by the financial sector as it is known for its great investment advice and marketing topics. When B.C Forbes and Drey decided to start the magazine they had no idea it would turn into an empire with very few - but extremely worthy - competitors such as: Businessweek and Fortune magazines.

Started in 1917, Forbes gave the magazine his name and financial backing while Drey brought his publishing expertise to the table. Forbes worked tirelessly as editor-in-chief and in 1959 after his passing; his son - Bruce Charl…

Will Google+ Hangouts Put an End to Face to Face Meetings?

The introduction of Google+ Hangouts was a bright spot in a product launch that ultimately fizzled out as users trickled back to using Facebook. The service was widely praised for providing an easy way for people to communicate face-to-face over the web. Its status was bolstered further as a plethora of celebrities ranging from President Obama to the Dalai Lama used the service to hold hangouts with their fans. Even the Muppets hosted a Hangout. Many were predicting a new era of videoconferencing.

Was the service really destined to end face to face meetings, though?

Image courtesy of missha, Flickr

Right or Wrong?
To be fair, Hangouts does get a lot right. It’s extremely accessible, requiring only a browser for most individuals. As a web application, it also removes many networking concerns of users operating behind corporate intranets and firewalls. It has an elegant interface, is simple to access and because it is tied to Google+, it also provides a convenient way for users to access…

A Business Owners Guide to a Safe Commercial Property

When you are the owner of a business that operates from a commercial property, it is your responsibility to ensure that safety levels are as high as possible in order to protect staff, customers and the items within the building such as expensive computer equipment. With this in mind, the following points have been put together to help you achieve the right level of safety and security for your business.

Choose Key-Holders Wisely
When making the decision to give other members of staff key-holder responsibility, it’s important you choose wisely. It goes without saying that a key-holder should be somebody you trust implicitly, but you should also take their home location and access to transport into consideration. A key-holder is not only responsible for opening and closing the property, they will also be a port of call outside working hours should an alarm go off or suspicious activity arise around the perimeters of the property that require authorities to gain access to the property. …

The Two Most Important Filipino/Tagalog Words You Should Absolutely Know About

Whether you're a future expat, a tourist, a foreigner who's here in the Philippines for a business trip or a Filipino yourself, these two words can take you further with almost anything.
PoOpoThese are the two most important basic words in the Filipino/Tagalog language.

I. Po - /poh/

Used in many contexts, it is usually added at the end of a declarative or interrogative sentence.

a. Salamat po - "Thank you sir / ma'am"

Po is actually gender neutral and the example above is not the actual translation, but it is very close. The word actually makes us unique as Filipinos. For foreigners, it gives the aura of them showing enough respect both to the language and the person spoken to.

In Google translate, "po" is translated in English as "please" but I beg to differ though it has its merits.

To me, adding "Po" at the end of a sentence goes beyond "please" and shows respect to the person you are talking with and gives you that speci…

10 Entrepreneurship Tips from Filipino Online Mogul RJ David

Perhaps nothing embodies "pervasive" more than Filipino online mogul RJ David's A free classified ads website that has undoubtedly changed and improved the lives of several million Filipino entrepreneurs. It has indubitably made a mark not just in the Filipino online marketplace but also in the entire global Filipino market.

What is It's an online marketplace that helps Pinoy entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes get their wares or services online for FREE, effectively transforming and bringing the marketplace to a whole new level. With a fast growing market at home and with several million Filipinos abroad and online, as Justin Bieber says, "We can go nowhere but up from here".

Having recently joined as a part of their thrust into social, RJ David starts out by giving 10 #entrepTips to the aspiring entrepreneur.

Tip #2: When is the best time to start in business? NOW Tip #3: Get a co-founder for your startup / busine…

Adding Personality Type as a Factor in Social Ad Targetting

Edson Tandoc Jr., a Filipino and former reporter along with Heather Shoenberger recently published a study in the International Communication Association Conference in Arizona detailing their discovery regarding the online habits of social media users and its ties to personality types

Entitled Self Presentation in Social Networking Sites, the study details how certain personalities could be identified and categorized by how much and what they post on their social networking profiles.

The study has been billed to have to the potential to further improve social media ad targeting by identifying personality types based on a scale that the team has come up with.


Interestingly, both "reserved" and "aggressive/appetitive" social media users tend to use social media frequently despite the differences in the precise way they use it. As noted in the Inquirer article, reserved users tend to scroll along their feeds while aggressive users act…

What is the Best Vacation You've Ever Had?

A facebook friend asked this question on her wall and it made me think about all the vacations I've ever had in my life.

Like one of those miniature epiphanies, I realized something simplistically profound yet strikingly straightforward about vacations and it tends to be something we often overlook.

But before all that, let me tell you about all the things I like about the social network Google plus. 

The pictures shared on it makes one feel the pulling desire of the moment captured inside a lens.  It plays with the imagination that meshes emotions with words and thoughts.

These then leads us to desire and wanting to go on a vacation.

This leads us to want to be there - in the moment. But the truth is, for these places to matter at all to us,  for them to become appealing - they first have to pass a very important conditional.

We have to picture ourselves in the moment first with the people we love.

Because without them, it would all be meaningless.

True, some places might be adequate fo…

Why Your Next Business Won't Start as a Great Idea

If you are like many of us and fed up with the state of the economy today and the prospects for job growth, starting a new business can be a really appealing option. However, for the same abysmal economic reasons, you may be nervous about your lack of a breakthrough idea that will guarantee your success.

What many new start ups fail to realize though is that true innovation and many of the million dollar industries out there are not as simple as a “man with a plan” mentality.

In fact, the likelihood of finding the next big thing is so slim that it’s not worth the investment at all. Instead, you are far better off taking a systematic approach to your industry and working from there.

Making “Little Bets”
In his book, Little Bets, author Peter Sims discusses this phenomenon in detail. Basically, through extensive research he has found that some of the greatest ideas and businesses of our time, such as Apple, Amazon and Pixar Studios rely far more on small risks than on big ideas.

Sims the…

London Leasing With a Twist London Olympics via

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored blog post by which is offering leasing auctions targetting the UK, London area. They reached me via my gig which promises to blog about their business objectively.As of today, their website is unoperational, but I'll still have a go at the general gist of how I understand their business.

With the 2012 London Olympics transpiring soon, finding affordable leasing arrangements will be a challenge for tourists and enthusiasts alike who want to experience and witness both the spirit of athleticism and the beauty of London itself. 

Check the London 2012 Olympics schedule

Formerly known as the "The Wen", "The Big Smoke" or "The Square Mile" in the days of old, this bustling and iconic European city has a tremendous amount of culture built into the very fabric of its existence.

The setting of countless classical literary masterpieces, including Oliver Twist, The Canterbury Tales, 80 Days Around…

How Introverts Can Succeed In Business

Underappreciated, underestimated and oft overlooked, the introvert has never been touted as one of business’ best assets. But what if we told you that an introvert does have a place in the business world, and that it’s an integral part of the success of a company? Don’t believe it? Well, as it turns out, studies have shown that the majority of companies work more efficiently when staff members are separated from one another and left to brainstorm ideas on their own. As our society leans closer to the Linux or Wordpress style movement, we see more use of this principle in allowing workers to develop plans and programs in isolation before allowing their colleagues a crack at improving and changing these ideas. If that’s not a principle built in introverted personality traits, what is? Getting Around The Extrovert Model While typical workplaces tend to be set up in order to cater to the extroverted people in the workplace, there are definitely ways for introverts to find their own path…

Tips for Dining with Your Boss

Going out to dinner with the boss? Dinners should be fun and enjoyable, but somehow your boss can have a way of making you nervous and tongue-tied. Here are some tips to help you make it through and do it right.

“Dress to impress” is never more important than when out to dinner with your boss. Make sure you dress appropriately for the atmosphere of the restaurant you’re going to, and even then, dress up a little bit more. Wear your nicest clothes, shine your shoes, and do whatever you can to avoid looking like you just came from a long day at the office (even if you did).
Arrive Early

You know you should never be late for work, and you certainly should never be late for a business dinner. It’s not always enough to arrive on time, either. Get there early – even earlier than your boss. Your boss may go early, too, and you definitely don’t want to make him wait for you, even for a minute or so. Arrive about 15-20 minutes early to be on the safe side, and wait at the entrance or at the ba…

The Raven (2012) Movie Review

My wife and I are movie nuts and this is the latest movie we have watched thus far. As the sub heading indicates, John Cusack plays the role of an egotistical literary giant in the person of Edgar Allan Poe who suffers from alcoholism and a penchant for the macabre. With his dark thoughts placed on pen and paper, he struggles mightily to woo the daughter of a rich merchant with his ineffable wit and skill with words.

But while all this is happening, a creepy admirer of his work decided to make Poe's macabre serials into a reality that spells doom to many a hapless victim.

It's a writer meets a gruesome reality type of movie that might have been better played. I'm sorry, John Cusack, as much as your words and literary wit have managed a break even performance, the prospects of The Raven is as dark as the movie itself. It could have been more inspiring if this was played by a more serious and darker actor.

In its defense, the movie was interesting enough to make us postpone…

A Shy Person's Sales Pitch and Guide to Small Talk for Business

Nowadays, it has become quite a need for people to be able to make small talks for one reason or another. And if you can’t do so, you get labeled as an introvert or too serious and uptight.

Being shy or an introvert would almost always discourage a person to try out a career in sales and marketing. People would always tell you off that you won’t get anywhere with being shy in sales. But, no matter what you, you really don’t feel comfortable making that small talk with people you barely know.

You don’t know how to respond to short questions that actually don’t mean anything but just to start a conversation. You’re a shy person and you tell yourself you just can’t joke around and carry on a conversation out of nowhere just like everybody else. You’ve attended countless seminars, read self-help books, to no avail.

Still, in today’s business, you need some kind of charisma or sparkle, regardless if superficial, in you to attract attention and execute a social and business negotiation. You…

50% Success Rate: Dannybuntu's How to Plant Ginger Guide

With the self imposed closure of our resort, I am left with agriculture and making money online as an alternate revenue source. 

I'm not a farmer by trade, but last January, I had the privilege of harvesting something which I planted on my own. 
It is locally known as Luya.
My grandfather, Lolo Ariong, told me that it was a cash crop and I've seen some articles online about the good opportunities in Ginger production. Philippine Information Agency - Ginger Production
These pictures were taken last week or the second week of July. I planted them sometime in January 2012. 
What I did was cut portions of the first Ginger lump we harvested and planted it in an experimental plot near our house. I planted 14 and out of that 14, 7 grew. I just discovered this after cutting the grass since I almost gave up on them and figured that they were eaten by "Bayuko" or Snails

How to Plant Ginger
For now, my plan is simple, I've already managed to have a harvest however puny they a…

How to Install StatCounter in Blogger Dynamic Views

Google Analytics is all fine and dandy but its feature set leaves something to be desired. For one, and do tell me in the comments if you know how to do this, I can't find the keywords through which people find my blog - a fine feature that you can do in StatCounter with ease.

Maybe I haven't figured it out yet, but I really do need my StatCounter code working in Blogger's New Dynamic Views Template.

Blogger DV enables you to present your blog in visually appealing formats, such as Mosaic, Magazine, Sidebar and more. But once you've changed your blog format, a lot of third party widgets or widgets simply stopped working. Javascript does not work. Code does not work on the Add CSS portion of the template editor.

So, in this little experiment of mine, I'm going to try a few things.

Experiment 1 - Worked
This one actually worked. I found this here: Google Product Forums
Side Effects: Changes the background image. Workaround is to change the Page Background color to someth…

Will Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo?

With a yet again new CEO on board, seems to me like it's a sinking ship with a conveyor belt of captains at the helm.

It doesn't matter who's the captain, it's a fricking sinking ship with its anchors right at the top of the deck, plunging it down with sharks as investors circling in for the kill.

Even Einstein himself wouldn't be able to come up with a unified theory on how to save Yahoo, but there's always hope and Marissa Mayer, a former Googler of very high regard seems poised to superhumanly lift Yahoo out of its misery.

What's All the Fuzz with Anyway?

Pundits and analysts alike are acting more like Perez Hilton about as if it were Justin Bieber. Moreover, so-called activist investors within Yahoo itself are always poised to grab the reigns from the rampaging Internet giant.

I went around and picked up some choice morsels from around the web to try to understand what's going on.

Jon Swartz and Scott Martin over at USA …

Stephen Covey Author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Dies

Perhaps one of the most influential men of our time, Stephen Covey, the world renowned author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has passed away.

His last tweet:

Want simple ideas for improving your job as a father? Try this book: "Dad Rules: A Simple Manual for a Complex Job" 

Spotlight on Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is often an understated aspect of both the business and finance sectors. Once obtained, many professionals believe that qualifications of technical analysis are invaluable to a successful career in finance. Particularly in the trading and investment areas of the finance sector, technical analysis can provide a great insight into market trends and the best times to buy and sell. While many students gain qualifications in finance, technical analysis provides a more specialised skill set, particularly for people wanting to enter the investment and trading areas of the financial sector.
Technical Analysis Subjects For finance students wishing to improve their knowledge and skills in technical analysis, beginning with the FIN231 Technical Analysis subject is a solid start for gaining a broad aspect of the subject. If you wish to become more adept in technical analysis, after completion of the FIN231 subject, professionals recommend studying 9063 Specialised Techniqu…